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Hendrix に憧れるレオ♪ Rocking out with Jimi Hendrix

I spotted Leo playing my hubby’s Fender guitar…


…or so I thought. It looks like he was just getting ready for one of his cat naps! 31 more words


ネコちゃんタワーのお昼寝☆ Napping on kitty tower

Leo’s cat tower kit arrived, which I built for him to play on…

…but he’s relaxing on it (rather than playing with it!) – so much for getting exercise. 29 more words



Mama and I are thankful for our freedom!


Frodo and the Cheese Chase

Frodo loves the Cheese Chase toy that we bought for Sammie last year. He dives at it with even more enthusiasm than Sammie did.

He has so much energy and is running around the house like a little ginger ninja :)


Tuna Sandwich

Mama should make me a tuna sandwich.


A Minute

The internet went out for a minute, but Mama did not freak out.


Our stretch goal: Maine Coons. The sky’s the limit for awesome cat genetics!

As we posted yesterday, we have reached the full amount needed to sequence BUBs genome. Thanks again to everyone who made this happen! But the fundraiser is still not over! 433 more words

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