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Exciting day for kitchen renovations! The cabinets are here! Everything has been ripped out and ready for brand new cabinets.

I’m excited about the corner unit (pictured above) because the unit we had before did not have a… 215 more words


A Minor Victory

Anyone who has ever embarked on a home renovation project, however minor, can tell you there comes a time when the process hits a plateau. The kitchen is supposed to be finished in a week and it goes on half-completed for three. 601 more words

Main House

Behind the Staircase Corner Wall - A Wallpapered Pipe

When you start to open up the walls you never know what you will find. I was curious about the corner of the wall of the staircase on the second level as it looked like something behind the wall had been covered over. 107 more words

Main House

Entry Before and After - Wall Removed

It was most likely in the late 1940’s a wall was constructed in the entry to create one of the apartments. I couldn’t wait to see how the entry would look with the wall removed. 89 more words

Main House

Sandstone Foundation

The original portions of my house had a sandstone foundation. That would be the original house, not including the porch; and the rear addition on the south side of the house. 301 more words

Main House

The Daily Examiner - 1889 - In the Dirt Under the House

As I was gathering up the mortar chunks left over from the removal of the sandstone foundation, I found crumbled up in the dirt parts of an old newspaper. 431 more words

Main House

Moving on Up!

Moving Day!

I know what you’re thinking. But Mara, the house can’t possibly be ready! Annnnd you are right! It’s not. While it may have been beneficial to stay in this place until the end of April instead of March, we elected to save our rent money for more important things… like paint. 419 more words