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Flash Back Friday

Our home is nearing the end of the renovations (yippee!) so now it’s time for a little nostalgia. My grandparents purchased this home in 1973 for $27,500. 91 more words


And Now we Prep

First off, I apologize for the length between posts. We’ve been exceedingly busy around here trying to settle into our new old house while dealing with renovations. 192 more words


The Nest Part I

Uncle Eddie’s room has got to be the most impressive transformation in the main house thus far. You may remember Eddie had water damage in his room from a big ole rain storm in the Fall. 184 more words


Put a Lid on It

Do you know what this is?

If you guessed “curtain rod drilled to the wall to organize lids for pots” you are correct! But please don’t take this idea. 69 more words


The Tell-Tale Heat

Will you say that I am mad? If I were to tell you the addition is near completion, that the inspector will be at the house tomorrow and drywall will be installed by the end of this week, would you think my words empty, that my heart was not in it? 540 more words


Break on Through to the Other Side

Break on through! oh to the other side! What a huge accomplishment! The hallway runs between Eddie’s bedroom and the main bathroom. We were going to put a new door inside the hall (connecting to Nana’s space) but decided to keep the existing door into the hallway. 95 more words


Rain, Rain, Go Away- Out of My House Please

We had to know this couldn’t last. No one goes through a renovation without any problems. It’s just not natural.

Although as far as renovation issues, this one isn’t too bad. 156 more words