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new favourite thing - sweet potato, spinach, and mushroom 'lasagna'

If you use any kind of social media – you’ll have seen the headlines proclaiming you’ve been doing everything wrong – and not just wrong but “all wrong.” You’ve been boiling eggs all wrong. 941 more words

Dinner Party Worthy

Σολομός φιλέτο ολόκληρος με πορτοκάλι και μαραθόριζα (φινόκιο)

Χτες είχα τα γενέθλιά μου και, όπως κάθε χρόνο έτσι και φέτος, κάθισα να θυμηθώ πως τα γιόρτασα τα προηγούμενα χρόνια. Φέτος πήγαμε οι τρεις μας στο Yellow το μεσημέρι και γέλασα πολύ με την κόρη μου που είναι ψώνιο και της αρέσουν τα “εστιατόρια”! 6 more words


Egg White and Spinach Omelette

Time for a dose of health. It can’t get better than protein, dietary fibre, vitamins, calcium, iron…. and more in a single dish. A quick recipe for breakfast, main-course or snack. 202 more words


Chicken Catupiry


80 kg whole bone less, skinless chicken
1 l lemon juice
7 kg Fresh Tomato
5 kg Onions
3 kg Scallions
1 kg Parsley… 140 more words

Main Course

Easy Chicken Curry

This recipe is really close to my heart, back in 1990’s when I was a wee kid and we used to live in Lahore, a culturally rich city of Pakistan, I always looked forward to my summer holidays and a 2 week mini vacation to my Nani Ami (maternal grandma). 814 more words

Main Course

Poori (Deep-fried and Puffed Wheat Bread)

Don’t we all like to have those cheat meals once in a while… ;) Being an ardent foodie, my happiness quotient is at the highest level when I have those… Haha! 459 more words


Kate: Un-challenge #1

Jay and I have been busy with all sorts of things lately so we have been, unfortunately, missing out on dinner challenges… For the past week or so, our meals consisted mainly of delivery sushi (we have been on a sushi binge for the last couple of months), frozen pizza, and dishes that required a quick trip to the store just down the street and minimal time in the kitchen. 127 more words