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got mail?

Grasping ivy strangles the last breaths of the tin mailbox. Replaced with hollow dings and fake formed words of “You’ve Got Mail!” Missing squeals of children as Birthday cards fall to the ground with bright colored envelopes and fresh licked stamps. 47 more words


What a great day (61/365)

It really was. It started out kinda dumb because, well, it was Monday, and I didn’t sleep well. But it did turn around. My favorite part of the day is when they call “Mail call, mail call”. 181 more words

You've Got Mail

Mail service at a small mountain community. I’m curious where UPS or FedEx drops off their packages.

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Lists, Mail, and Sneakers! Oh my!

With less than 24 hours in Gengga, I am fully back in the swing of teaching a full class load. Today is Monday and we started with Monday’s classes. 873 more words


Stylin' with Stitch Fix

Ok all my ladies living in rural areas, busy mamas, or whether you are just tired of going “shopping” altogether. Stitch fix will be your saving grace! 291 more words


February is way too short.

I know it’s weeks late but can we talk about Valentine’s Day? Haha

The month of February has swept Virginia away with tons and tons of love snow. 455 more words

16. Minor Freak Out (commercial making)

So of course the weather is crazy, messing up everything. I had this great idea for my commercial which goes quite nicely with the name of my blog. 226 more words