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blog? nah... but really tho, should I? nah... but wait it's summer and I'm bored...

So as you can see in my title, I use to keep a journal. Every day. Until the journal was filled, and then I started a new journal immediately. 501 more words

Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment


not quite an mystery, exactly, as i knew who sent it – thank you, mr. foster! – but certainly unexpected and therefore a bit curious! 103 more words



You tell me if you think I was astonished for no good reason, or if this is actually amazing. Yesterday I was fishing for my keys to let myself into our apartment building in the Grau neighborhood of Valencia, when the cartero (letter carrier, postal worker, mailman, whatever works for you) hailed me from down the street. 265 more words

Readdle debuts Spark, a highly customizable email app for iPhone & Apple Watch

Readdle today released a new addition to its giant collection of productivity apps for iOS with the debut of Spark. Spark is described in short as “fast and smart email for your iPhone” while its core features include tons of customization options and intelligent notification and filtering options that help take the stress out of email. 644 more words

IOS Devices

May 2015 Incoming and Outgoing Mail


A really really quick round up of my incoming and outgoing mail this month because I’ve not been as active as I should have been! 544 more words

Snail Mail

Postfix administration tips

1) Queue count

postqueue  -p|awk 'NF==7 && $1 ~ /^/{print $1}'|wc -l

2) Top 10 senders

postqueue -p|awk 'NF==7{print $NF}'|sort|uniq -c|sort -nr|head

3) List out emails send by given email address, 327 more words