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Galactic Standard Time

1 day = 24.6 hours
1 week = 6 days
1 month = 5-6 weeks
1 year = 10 months (300 days) 746 more words


Story Summaries for Maidens

Moon Riders are the crazy men, women, and creatures that risk their lives for the sake of an illegal sport. The strange phenomenon that causes the waves used for Moon Riding has been spotted in many areas of the Galaxy and constantly moves around. 202 more words


A Life of Lies

You lie and wait in your web of lies
Ensnaring beauty to tantalise
Any unfortunate soul who flies
Too close and they’re done
Too soon they are gone… 85 more words

Flash Fiction

Character Summaries

Adrienne Ferlardo is a human male, adopted by the late Admiral Ferlardo of the Mesran fleet. With his father’s death and his sister’s mental instability, the human youth becomes the first of another race to ever rise on council of the Mesran planet. 682 more words


Brigid: Heat & Healing

Brigid is a handy lady to get to know. A Celtic maiden goddess, she has three aspects all by herself: poetry, smithcraft and healing. As the sacred flame of knowledge, Brigid can be represented by anything that give off heat and light. 582 more words


A Word A Week: Mural - Ancient Frescoes at Sigiriya

Ancient Frescoes at Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

About half way up the face of Sigiryia, a mountain fortress in Sri Lanka, hardy climbers will find a cave covered with frescoes of exotic maidens. 106 more words