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A Word A Week: Mural - Ancient Frescoes at Sigiriya

Ancient Frescoes at Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

About half way up the face of Sigiryia, a mountain fortress in Sri Lanka, hardy climbers will find a cave covered with frescoes of exotic maidens. 106 more words






I hope you’re all having a Great Monday Morning! My site traffic is really growing, thank you all for the views and support! If you want to suggest what kind of illustrations I should try next time you can always send me and e-mail at hello.feydandelion@live.com. 36 more words

Fey Dandelion

The Masquerade

Now reborn is nocturnal fair!
Fiesta of disguises!
Wine shall flow as we prepare
For an evening of surprises!
So let the guest list be unknown – 242 more words


Victoria's Adventure

Week 1: Wizard reporting from the mall. 

It’s hot out today, and that’s always good when the youngins are around. However, I’m a man who needs lengthy preparation before I do my “weekly” mall observations.” I’m not as spry as I used to be, but that doesn’t stop me from touching my wee wee. 369 more words


The First Maiden

E’charsa Phorn looked up through the silver eyes of her current vessel at the man that towered over her. Her vessel was small, a girl from one of the sub-human species that had barely reached fifteen years. 1,896 more words