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The clan was dying, starvation evident on their bodies. Bones showing and weight lost. Fear was spreading and death was knocking on doors. The spirits embraced one after the other, despair became their only emotion. 1,001 more words

Darkest Passions

I must admit, I do not know
Whether it is the eerie glow
That makes your secrets interest me
Or if it’s something I can’t see. 70 more words


Wed Jan 14 2015 (entry 2/2)

On a more esoteric note;
Summoning an entity, be it spiritual or godly, is about vibrating at their frequency. It is YOU that becomes as what you invoke. 17 more words

Primates On Typewriters

Exiles 31

Writer Judd Winick

Pencils Jim Calafiore

Inks Mark McKenna

Colors Transparency Digital

Letters Dave Sharpe

Cover Dated October 2003

Avengers Forever Part One of Two… 1,156 more words


New Mutants Spinoff Film Greenlit...With An Interesting Choice For Director

The long rumored New Mutants film, based on the comic cousin of the X-Men where the mutants are primarily students who engage in extra-curricular superheroing, has just gotten the greenlight.   280 more words

General Geekery

Dark Avengers / Uncanny X-Men Exodus

Written by Matt Fraction

Art by Mike Deodato and Terry Dodson with Rachel Dodson

Colored Justin Ponsor & Christina Strain

Lettered VC’s Joe Caramgna

Cover Dated November 2009… 1,335 more words


Feisty Sundae

Like clockwork, chimes play

On the warm street just one time a day

Causing elves & sprites to go running

Away from this cement truck of Earthly dismay… 46 more words