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Magickal Arts

Far-Traveler: Using the Imagination to Touch Other Worlds

In my last essay, I spoke of translating vision and dream into Art, be it visual, literary, or otherwise.  Today, I want to expand a little bit on the methods I use to induce these visions and waking dreams. 2,019 more words


7 of Coins

 I got the 7 of coins. Lucky in love, but when it comes to money. I is broke!!!  That sucks. Lucky is the number so maybe in 7 months I will have money or maybe not. 88 more words

The Talent, the Knack, and the Outlook | A glance at hereditary magick

The Talent, the Knack, and the Outlook.

An explanation for these three terms in relation to hereditary magicks.

I’m going to start with the Outlook, mainly because it’s the first one I could name without hesitation. 783 more words

A Power Of Will



Please follow+ my new blog and see what I’m writing about now :)

This is my courageous life, show me yours

I recently stumbled across my answers to some Courageous Living exercises from Your Courageous Life by the wonderful Kate Courageous (Kate Swoboda). They were written a few years ago, as a vison of my best possible self, and at the risk of great personal embarassment I’ve decided to post them here. 2,170 more words

Graffiti Living