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my mind is cleared
my pains are eased
my spirit made whole
my heart is pleased


each hour of everyday is ruled by a particular planetary force… 240 more words

Magickal Arts

The Falling and Ambiguity

I saw the new British film ‘The Falling’ the other night, which was by and large a worthwhile endeavour. In very general terms the film is about a mass fainting outbreak at an all girls school in the late 60s. 449 more words


A Ball of Oil

This simple meditative exercise has always been very helpful to me. I use it when I need to gather peace and clarity to my mind and I’m either too exhausted or oversaturated by the events of my life to dredge up the strength to see them from a different perspective or to get any real use out of what those events may be trying to teach me. 914 more words


A Fox Of Bones

“Papers in the roadside
Tell of suffering and greed
Here today, forgot tomorrow
Ooh, here besides the news
Of holy war and holy need
Ours is just a little sorrowed talk… 2,723 more words


The Journey Continues - The Double-Edged Sword of Duality

One of the many curiosities that this lifetime has presented to me has been why it seems it is so much easier to invoke (call in from outside oneself) and evoke (call up from within oneself) those things that are negative and cause us pain. 998 more words


The Wastelands of Oz novel

Dorothy Gale, now an adult living back in Kansas, has contracted stomach cancer.  Her daughter Maryjane has, without Dorothy’s knowledge, taken trips to Oz and has gained knowledge of her witch powers from none other than Glinda, the good witch of the South. 169 more words

Wizard Of Oz

Thinking about hexing

I’ve not been doing the whole witchy thing for long, I’ve cast a few spells, burned some incense, protected my house and my loved ones, carried some crystals around with me, started wearing a pentacle necklace but that’s as far as it goes. 395 more words