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Draft of a gamer: A Farewell to Khans

My final (I assume) draft with Khans of Tarkir ended in a pleasing 2-1 result with a ‘build-around-me type of deck. I don’t normally go in for these, on the assumption that I am unlikely to make the correct choices with future picks. 472 more words

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Investing in Modern as a Casual

Modern is a format that has a lot of controversy. People don’t like it sometimes, specially after Birthing Pod was banned. Many players don’t feel attracted to this eternal format. 892 more words

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Dragons Of Tarkir !

Hey everyone, those that follow Magic, The Gathering probably already know that the newest set to drop into rotation hit yesterday and was called Dragons of Tarkir.  155 more words


New Passion, New Blog

So, I have a new passion (okay, about 9 month old passion) which is eating up practically every bit of my spare time. Given the fact that I’m handicapped and unable to work, that is a LOT OF TIME! 341 more words


7 Specific Thoughts on the March Legacy Cube on MTGO

That last entry was a bit boring, but I needed to get all that off my chest. I put a tonne of time into the Cube and felt like I took away a lot of insights into the process, which I wanted to get down. 366 more words

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7 General Thoughts on the March Legacy Cube on MTGO

Ten days or so ago the Legacy Cube came back to MTGO and I have been playing the hell out of it. I have a few thoughts on it, but they’re pretty disparate and best summed up as a list: 656 more words

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