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Drawing: Man on a Path

I’ve said before, and will continue saying, that drawing is a secret superpower in the twenty-first century.

This image came to me in a dream, first of all: a picture of a man walking down a path, with a fjord-like scene behind him of mountains and a cloud-scape.   1,142 more words

Magic & Spirituality

Podcast: Delphi and the Pythia


A number of years ago, I did a group of podcasts for my students on various themes in ancient Greek history.  This one, about the Oracle of Delphi and the Pythia, was one of the longer ones, about 7 minutes. 33 more words

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Magic and Ecology

Io’s article on the Evolution Aesthetic, as opposed to the Apocalyptic Aesthetic in magic, has really gotten under my skin a bit.  I keep thinking about this article, and about how he suggests that the methodology of the weed or the parasite — very much rooted in the present environment and moment, but with an eye on some future state of being — is the aesthetic which maybe magicians should add to their conversation a bit more. 1,979 more words


Geomancy: A Technique for the Shield

Sam has a great piece today about the elements in the Shield Chart of geomancy, and what might happen if we took a risk and started inventing some techniques to use in western geomancy that aren’t astrological. 861 more words

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Tai Chi Y3D366: The work and the world

Today marks three years-ish. There’s been three days added because of the year-and-a-day thing, and five-ish days because I don’t count too good.  The last year produced a… 560 more words

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Design Lab: Workbench Complete

Oh, I’ve built a workbench in the morning!
Ding-dong the work is almost done!
Look at all the sawdust!
And the budget’s not bust!
And doesn’t all this stuff look fine?

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