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Geomancy: A Technique for the Shield

Sam has a great piece today about the elements in the Shield Chart of geomancy, and what might happen if we took a risk and started inventing some techniques to use in western geomancy that aren’t astrological. 861 more words

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Tai Chi Y3D366: The work and the world

Today marks three years-ish. There’s been three days added because of the year-and-a-day thing, and five-ish days because I don’t count too good.  The last year produced a… 560 more words

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Design Lab: Workbench Complete

Oh, I’ve built a workbench in the morning!
Ding-dong the work is almost done!
Look at all the sawdust!
And the budget’s not bust!
And doesn’t all this stuff look fine?

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Tai Chi Y3D354: Move through Water

Doctor Yang said, “when you move , move as if you were moving through water. Whole body, move as if you were moving in water.”  What he was getting at, was that you should feel some resistance. 656 more words

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Tai Chi Y3D353: Count 18

This morning, I did the form in about two and a half minutes after doing Five Golden Coins. This was clearly too fast. So I did it again, trying to do it much more slowly.   603 more words

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Tai Chi Y3D347: Apologies for the Long Delay

I did tai chi this morning.  It went really well. But then I was running late for an appointment with a friend for brunch.  And then I was running late for an appointment for a rehearsal with my debate team.   661 more words


A transition.. From Homes to Food - and Kitchen Fun

Friends, contacts and coaches… real estate or… What? I have no idea… I knew several years ago I wanted to transition to something OTHER than real estate. 583 more words

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