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Magi's Grandson new chapter

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Magi’s Grandson new chapter on japtem, enjoy!

 MG volume 1 chapter 12

Giving the Speech

Gus came to the house, together with Uncle Dis. 380 more words


Zhan Long new chapter

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Zhan Long new chapter, enjoy!

ZL Chapter 233 – A Conflict I Wanted No Part In

Coming out from the Arctic Fox Forest was a Lv 66 Elite Ice attribute Arctic Fox with pure white fur. 533 more words


ARK New Chapter

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ARK volume 15 chapter 6

New ARK chapter, enjoy!

ACT 6 Marine Chase

“Phew, they are persistent bastards.”

Sand fell from his head as he shook it. 274 more words


Zhan Long new chapter!

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Ok, new Zhan Long chapter! Enjoy!!
Zhan Long Chapter 229 – Flaming Tiger God

Among the frost covered grass, 3 pieces of equipment were glowing brightly. 735 more words


Pop Haydn Explains It All For You

Pop (Whit) Haydn is one of the true gentlemen of magic and a wonderful magician. He puts an amazing amount of thought into what he does. 62 more words


LMS new chapters!

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Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 24 chapter 11 & LMS volume 25 chapter 1 are out! Double chapters!! Enjoy!!

Volume 24 Chapter 11… 649 more words


Magical Staffs for Fantasy Collective

The Fantasy Collective is open and I have newness for you!

“Power of the Moon” are staffs for your magical needs. The staff comes in four elements: Air, Fire, Earth and Water. 69 more words