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Starting to feel like Summer...

Happy hump day, guys! I don’t know about you guys, but this week has been dragging for me. Monday was like the never ending day, which probably had something to do with the amazing concert I went to on Sunday night! 279 more words


Shea and Ian's Graduation Photos

My two best friends just graduated from college this year with bachelors! We just did a quick shoot. Super simple, super awesome.

Florida Gardens

I visited Florida twice over the winter- Once with my dad, and another time with my boyfriend. I’ve never quite got over all the different textures and colors that are quite different from Michigan’s. 76 more words

Garden of Eden

I’ve been pretty excited since spring finally came and I’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors (especially in my mother’s overgrown garden). The leaves are finally coming in and the flowers are blooming and they seem much prettier this year than others. 35 more words

My Trip to Lake Michigan

I’ve been away for quite a while no thanks to the winter. I was able to finally enjoy a beautiful day out on the beach on the west coast of Michigan. 64 more words

JLB Episode 16 - Time Shifting With A Pizza Funnel


In this episode we discuss an epic fashion tip, Hot Topics, and then Jill snorts constantly. We also share a new commercial with the one and only Chinese Sean Connery and promote the only Russian podcast that is sanctioned by the government. 59 more words