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Cotton candy spun and dizzy as the day
Every empty word I might say
Haunted carnival treats and twisty rides
Signify my inside and how I hide… 83 more words



Finding Felicity: A blog aiming to raise awareness to patient autonomy and Acute Myeloid Leukemia, a debilitating cancer with personal significance. This site, albeit with a public health agenda, embraces the notion that raising awareness can be accomplished in tandem with any interesting writing, regardless of the topic. 10 more words

What means "madness"?

Tie your freedom

Into a strong rope.

Hide it deep inside

Under your dome. 

Don’t let anyone in

Because they will fail you

All or your dreams will… 37 more words


Hearse power

The world’s fastest hearse is being upgraded for 2015. A turbocharged 6.0L V8 Chevy Caprice named ‘Madness, which still has its original stereo and coffin-carrying capabilities, it’s capable of 0-100km/h in just 2.26 seconds, with a top speed of 220kph. 75 more words


To Me, To You

Don’t call me out if you can’t stand the open

Don’t try to burn me if you can’t stand the heat

Cause like an animal i’ll bite back… 66 more words


Crazy Day

The days you wake up and think it’s going to be stress free and be normal, are normal the days when something is going to happens. 176 more words


Its a No Brainer

I got up today…made a juice…did a little tidying some tools away and then went for a long walk to clear out my lungs and circulate oxygen into my system..I stood by the shore line and watched the water and the land meet. 209 more words