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There exists in both squalor and dejection

A gift, a prize no scale can compensate

Though its weight is heavy for those

Who venture to lift it up. 50 more words


Nintendo Bracket Madness - Day 16

The last day of first round games. The Jeff Bracket has Joel’s 2nd round pick, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out versus Jacob’s 15th round pick, Double Dragon 2. 269 more words


To me I see psychosis and bipolar as a mystery

There is a world I would like to see, where psychosis and madness is seen as a divine mystery.  I journey within and through the whole symbolic history.   80 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Alternative Ending

Inspirational Madness was ultimately inspired by Lewis Carroll’s fictitious world – Wonderland. It’s creativity and limitless imagination has inspired many other artists to create in their own mediums. 245 more words


Marwari Weddings - a survival guide

There are weddings, there are OTT weddings and then there are the Marwari weddings. Don’t be fooled into thinking that since you have attended many wedding or watched weddings in KJo movies and you can handle anything… Trust me, you cannot! 441 more words


Lyssa, Stark Raving Mad

May is mental health month, so I want to pay a tribute to Lyssa, the Greek goddess of rage, rabies, and madness. In Rome she became known as Furor.   307 more words


The Tabood Love of Bismil (Part 4).

The officer continued, “Your wife was the leader of a gang who have been caught smuggling illegal and harmful drugs in a small village. People were helplessly addicted to these drugs. 461 more words