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It was then when I stopped

It was then when I frowned
It was then when I drowned
It was when I shouted
It was when I threatened
… to throw away the phone. 87 more words



Let me just begin by saying….I cannot stop listening to Sleeping with Sirens new album, Madness. After hearing that they would be releasing a new album I had my phone on countdown ready for the release date. 128 more words


Am I Lost in a Fictional World?

How much should an author be lost in his or her creative writing?  Check out this article:

Am I Lost in a Fictional World?.

Creative Writing


Please read the little cartoon carefully – it is powerful. Then read the comments at the end.
I’m doing my small part by forwarding this message.

87 more words
Earth Speaks Out

Madness in Civilization

Andrew Scull


Much more than a mere catalogue of horrors, Scull’s fine book examines a neglected entry point into the unended conflict between reason and emotion, science and superstition. 126 more words


Murder, She Painted.

She had a craving, she said to me, a tiny little speckle of want, but one which made her want to tear skin from flesh when not sated. 466 more words