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Blogtacular 2015... opening a door to a whole new world!

Having had over 24 hours to digest Blogtacular 2015 I’m still enjoying the thrill of remembering moments of the day….

Grace Bonney

Listening to Grace Bonney was incredibly inspiring; hearing her speak so confidently and with such ease about her work was enthralling. 434 more words

Made You Look

Editor’s Note: Paul has not been seen or heard from since the date of this review. If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of Life Is A Bench’s Paul, please leave a comment. 434 more words



Well, this documentary explore the question of creativity now that we live in an era of cloud services and virtual spaces, of software tools, electronic gadgets and data production.  89 more words


This isn't the Playground

 Do you remember when I made New Years Resolutions and I used to revisit them every month to see how I was doing?

Yeah, me too…. 640 more words

Made You Look

No, You Can't Take My Picture

I got my head shots back!

Now, with as many selfies as I post on the blog, you would never know that I absolutely hate having my picture taken.  399 more words

Made You Look

My Trip to Paris

I went to Paris!

Paris, Texas Y’all.

I have so many pictures to share with you!

Why, yes, that is the Eiffel Tower with a cowboy hat. 418 more words

Made You Look

Is it Possible to Have Too Many Jobs?

I talked last time about how I now suddenly have three jobs, well, another amazing opportunity has plopped itself right down in my large lap and I have accepted. 437 more words

Made You Look