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The Rain


     The country of Madagascar has extremely unique landscapes, animal life, and weather patterns. Some parts of the island receive so much rain that the land is flooded, and other parts receive so little rain that nothing can grow. 559 more words


(On the) streets

Tana’s streets. Cobblestoned. Teeth-jarring. Eye-watering odours. Scooter goes. People, cars, bicycles, carts, zebus, motorbikes, pousses-pousses, pets – all overtake me on the narrow streets. Clatter, clatter, gronk. 106 more words


Madagascar: More than just Lemurs

Words & Photographs: Louisa Feiter

The rain came softly at first, a gentle pitter-patter on the umbrella above us, but then the heavens opened and a cascade of rain hit the streets of Antananarivo. 955 more words



RARAKY – The Merina demigod of tobacco. Raraky (sometimes called Paraky) was the only son of the blessed Merina man Andriamitandrina and his wife. Raraky grew ill and neither medicine nor prayers to the gods could save him. 260 more words


Madagascar Through My Lens

By its land, people, and culture – Madagascar must be one of the most captivating places on our planet. 

Here’s what I saw.


The killer frog fungus has reached Madagascar—and that may be good news

The loss of amphibian species across the world from chytridiomycosis—an infectious disease caused by the fungal pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd)—has been described… 753 more words

Home. In three acts.

Some of you have asked me what my new home looks like. Well, here are three pics.

The first is from the balcony of the guest house I’m living in here in Antananarivo, Madagascar. 122 more words