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My MAC Palette

Long gone are the days I reach for a chalky green eyeshadow from Natural Collection, circa 08 and smudge it patchily over my eyelid with a brush that came free with a magazine… I unfortunately remember my ‘green’ phases vividly, with confusion / utter distaste.  638 more words


Digital Disaster

Earlier this year cleaning up in the studio, I accidentally knocked a 3TB hard drive off my desk and it crashed to the floor ceasing to function. 424 more words


The Mac Pro is now on Sale

Its finally here, and it could be the king of your desktop.  The Mac Pro is a monster of a machine and it’s finally on sale today. 184 more words


Progress!! Again!

So I took my laptop in to an Apple store yesterday for a tech appointment to get the whole situation checked out.  I got to the store about 15 minutes early, so I hung out sitting at the Genius bar for a few minutes and just people-watched for a bit to pass the time.   736 more words


Working Away from your Desk

This year I’ve worked away pretty much once a month and sometimes you feel as though you work alone and actually don’t work with a team of people who are back in the office. 652 more words

Travelling Video

Easy workaround for those .AVI Mac problems

First let me start by saying that I love Apple, its software and products. My desk in the office looks like and Apple store threw up on it! 377 more words

Adobe Premiere