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VIDEO: Predictive Analytics Today

The use of predictive analytics is deeply integrated into our current society. From protecting your email, to predicting what movies you might like, to what insurance premium you will pay, and to what lending rate you might receive on your next mortgage application, the outcome will be determined in part by the use of this technology. 40 more words

Data Science

Machine Learning Fundamentals : Maximum Likelihood Estimation

On tossing a coin 10 times, head lands 7 times while tail lands 3 times. Assuming that the coin can be either fair or biased, we do not know the probability distribution of each outcome. 297 more words

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Data — Our World in Data - Max Roser - Researcher - Univ of Oxford

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As somebody who’s passionate about examining the evidence to support an argument, I would strongly recommend opening the following link to a true gold mine of data in powerful graphical format. 26 more words


Machine Learning in Microsoft Azure

Let me begin with a video showing how Machine Learning helps to improve our life.

The lift is called ThyssenKrupp Elevator, and example of… 1,319 more words


Neural Networks

This as been a very busy semester at UÉ, so I haven’t written much for this blog. In this post I give an update on something in which I’ve been recently occupied, Neural Networks. 457 more words