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Amazon dumbs down machine learning for the rest of us

The Amazon Machine Learning service offers an easy way to do basic types of data analysis, but what makes it easy also makes it limited… 40 more words

Business Intelligence

Solution to Big-data Analytics: Probabilistic Approach

India has seen abundance of data, includes static and dynamic data, only in recent times. Dependency on survey data is largely relieved by real-time data flowing in bulk because of high connectivity, social mobility, internet, web & media. 1,028 more words

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Google’s 3 most important projects, according to Eric Schmidt

Google is a massive company with a lot of projects going on at once, but chairman Eric Schmidt says that there are three that rank above all others in importance: voice recognition, image recognition, and machine learning. 75 more words


Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

Data Mining & Knowledge Discovery has revolutionized the businesses in the current era. Now there is no need of having a think tank to figure out the business policies. 11 more words

Artificial Intelligence

The reason why computers may replace experts in many fields. View from "feature" generation.

Hi friends, I am Toshi. I updated my weekly letter.  Today I explain 1. How classification, do or do not, can be obtained with probabilities and 2. 774 more words

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Bayes Theorem

Bayes theorem is one of the most important theorems (at least to me!) in the field of Probability and Statistics. I’ll try to explain this theorem in this post. 438 more words

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