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It’s Time to Think Differently About Mining Big Data

Everywhere we look today, big data is finally beginning to have an impact. Hospitals are using it to analyze patient populations, big pharma is using it to find new and better drugs faster, supply chain managers are squeezing more efficiency and timeliness out of their operations, retailers are connecting with customers in new and influential ways — the list is long and continues to grow daily. 62 more words

Business Intelligence

Interrogating Probability Distributions

“In this post we will be exploring the idea of Discrete and Continuous probability distributions. One of the best ways to really understand and idea in mathematics is to interrogate it! 33 more words


How to Spot a Cat

These are really exciting times for anyone who is interested in IT. Computers are becoming more human like in the way they learn things. I think we are beginning to see what might one day become intelligence. 525 more words


Genomics Today and Tomorrow presentation

Below is a Slideshare link/widget to a presentation I gave at the Genomics Today and Tomorrow event in Uppsala a couple of weeks ago (March 19, 2015). 221 more words

5 Best Python Libraries For Data Science

If you have decided to learn Python as your programming language.

“What are the different Python libraries available to perform data analysis?”

This will be the next question in your mind. 673 more words


Thinking Web Scale (TWS-3): Map-Reduce - Bring compute to data

In the last decade and a half, there has arisen a class of problem that are becoming very critical in the computing domain. These problems deal with computing in a highly distributed environments. 1,490 more words

Cloud Computing