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Sentiment Analysis: The New State Of The Art

How do you get to the next level of customer understanding? Next week’s Sentiment Analysis Symposium in New York offers an update on the latest in textual insight into consumers of products, financial services, healthcare, media, hospitality and much more. 548 more words


Doing Something About the 'Impossible Problem' of Abuse in Online Games

It’s often easier to turn a blind eye than confront the ugliness of negative online behaviors. However, online society has become an integral part of life, from conversations via Snapchat to networking on LinkedIn. 1,089 more words


Statistics: The Sexiest Job of the Decade

Anyone who’s got a formal education in economics knows who Hal Varian is. He’s most popularly known for his book Intermediate Economics. He’s also the… 141 more words


Day dreaming de-CODED

Have you google-ed how day dreaming works yet? If not, do so! “Google” has built an artificial neural network system that could very well decode the process. 203 more words

Daily Excerpts

Linear Regression

In this post, I will describe the implementation of the regularized linear regression for a simple prediction problem. In order to explain linear regression, I will use a simple example to predict house prices given 13 attributes of the houses. 1,283 more words

Data Mining

Learning about deep learning through album cover classification

In the past month, I’ve spent some time on my album cover classification project. The goal of this project is for me to learn about deep learning by working on an actual problem. 2,172 more words

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DeepDream Source Code Released

A bit late to the party – but hey I’ve been busy. Google recently released the source code for their DeepDream project. It makes use of Python and Caffe (a deep learning framework).

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