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Filigree Lace Release Stitch

I acquired a machine knitting book and have learned so much, as well as had fun working the techniques on the machine. The book is called  “The Double Bed Book” by Helen Griffiths. 104 more words

Machine Knitting

Innovative Use of KM Tool

I have known about the use of the ribber comb as a weight for fine or lace knitting, but I have never utilized it in this way before. 232 more words

Machine Knitting

Knit Leader Knock-Off Cardi

I finally finished my knit leader sweater that I copied from the ready made sweater. You know…life gets in the way. :)  I was happy with the results.The “see-through” quality of the original  is not quite as obvious on the yellow one – partly because it is a lighter shade – but it is an open-weave, lightweight, summer cardi for sure. 40 more words

Machine Knitting

Machine and hand knitting

One of the classes I went to after I retired was machine knitting. I only knitted one cardigan by shaping the various parts on the machine. 166 more words


Wool & Linen Pouch

Here are a few photos, showing how I construct my tool pouches.  Firstly, I use two squares that I knit on my Knitmaster machine in  59 more words


Creating Your Own Knit Designs

I love to use the knit leader for my Brother knitting machine! It gives me the freedom to knit whatever I want with whatever yarn I happen to have.  189 more words

Machine Knitting

Child’s Knitted Bracelet

Do your children or grandchildren ask to knit on your knitting machine? This is the perfect project for them to knit themselves and their friends a bracelet!  153 more words

Machine Knitting