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Watch Machete's Most Badass And Imaginative Kills

Danny Trejo’s been splitting heads and turning bad dudes’ torsos into Swiss cheese for over three decades now. He didn’t reach his full killing form, though, until the birth of… 538 more words


Wakey Wakey: We're back in the 21st Century

During the last two weeks without broadband, we quickly tired of television and the weirdness of advertising. The last week has been spent rewatching the first series of… 197 more words


Machete Kills

“Crowded Builder” featured on the new trailer for Machete Kills!


“Land of Sand” featured in the trailer for Rosewater

3 Days To Kill: The Review

Director: McG
Cast: Kevin Costner, Hailee Steinfeld, Amber Heard, Connie Nielsen
Plot: A retired hitman (Costner) is forced to kill for the CIA, when they offer him a cure for his terminal cancer. 863 more words

Reviews From The Past

Why Don't You Play in Hell? (2013)

This film takes elements of samurai films and yakuza films, and drops it in a blender with two scoops of bat-poop craziness and a dollop of film-making zeal. 441 more words

Prequel, Present, Sequel Podcast - R.F.A.F. Paul Walker (Episode 20)

Here is the 20th episode of the Prequel, Present, Sequel Podcast. For a THIRD straight week,  I am joined by The Kyle from The Great Musical. 152 more words