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Questions for The Wild Places

  1. Does Macfarlane also struggle with liminality as Challenger did? He talks about extinction but in a less dramatic way. However, “wildness” itself is something that is becoming more endangered.
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John MacFarlane

John MacFarlane was a cabin passenger on the Blenheim.

The Glasgow Herald account of the departure of the Blenheim in its issue of 28 August 1840 noted that Mr John M’Farlane of Paisley was one of the cabin passengers. 253 more words


Creative Digital Practice- Maps, Sounds and Macfarlane

Robert Macfarlane- The old ways, A journey on Foot

I had no idea what I was in for when I began reading MacFarlane’s’ book, but if I have to say one thing, then I’d say it made me want to walk like never before. 1,130 more words


Blantyre Works Farm (Mill Farm)

This photo was shared with me from Alex Rochead via Louise Forrest. Pictured is Blantyre Works Farm, although Louise had referred to it, whilst in discussion with Alex, as Mill Farm. 496 more words

Blantyre Buildings

Big John Payne

John Payne wasn’t called “Big John Payne” for nothing.

The man was 24 stone in the old money which is roughly equivalent to 152kg.  He had a special bathtub made for himself because he didn’t fit in any regular one.  395 more words


Ted 2 - Tuesday's Trailer Review

The first film ends with the wedding of Ted (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) and Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth). Now the newlyweds want to have a baby, but before they are legally allowed Ted will have to prove in court that he is human – with the help of his buddy John (Mark Wahlberg) and lawyer Samantha Jackson (Amanda Seyfried). 332 more words