So you want to invest in Macedonia? You will probably need electricity

If you’re working in the 21 cenury, then your new business will probably need power to run your machines, power the lights, charge your cell phones, power your computers and servers. 411 more words

So you want to invest in Macedonia? You will probably need roads...

Macedonia has superb roads… Amazing highways… Cars practically fly, they dont drive!

Or… that’s what the government will have you believe.

The actual situation on the ground is quite sad actually. 222 more words

"Come over and help us..."

“We need people.”

By far, this was the most commonly uttered need as we traveled to Roma communities throughout Bulgaria and Macedonia.

Money was not first on the list of needs, but people.  594 more words


Report on Foreign Fighters - the Balkans

We would just like to recommend a recently published report from September last year, on Foreign Fighters from the Balkans – specifically Western Balkans and Macedonia. 95 more words


I think I'm in love

I fall in love every day.

Sometimes more than once.

It usually starts with a look, maybe a lingering glance.

I generally initiate conversation. They’re never big talkers, but sometimes they follow me for a few blocks afterward. 1,154 more words

The Limbo of Macedonia

Within EU membership lies a cruel juxtaposition. While some the rich western countries lose faith in the union, scrambling to find a way out, the less developed countries of the east cling on to their position or search for a way in. 339 more words

International Relations

Alexander the Great – The Prelude

One of the most inspirational lives for me is that of Alexander the Great. I had heard of him in my schooldays, as we had studied about the Greek civilization. 422 more words

Alexander The Great