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Big Bang (빅뱅) - Sober (맨정신)

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작사: TEDDY, G-DRAGON, T.O.P  |  작곡:  TEDDY,  Choice37, G-DRAGON  |  편곡:  TEDDY, Choice37… 673 more words


Big Bang (빅뱅) - IF YOU

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i hate you

Love what your brother knows for he is a guide to your journey. You seek certainty, my sun, and that is courageous, for there is but a few whom ever attempted such a disastrous manifestation of reality; being those who’ve attempted previously exercised some deathly punishments. 3,145 more words



Inside the dust

hanging from the ceiling fan

lives the magic.

Over time the dust

comes out to play.

The dust despises summer.

The dust gets sick… 69 more words


We might as well be strangers in another town
We might as well be living in a different world
We might as well
We might as well… 75 more words


Guilt: Odd Expressions, Electric Feelings

My odd expression abounds, this electric feeling now sounds.

Nuns flirt with fun and sly soldier defects his gun.

Kings step on the clutch, shift their eyes from blue to black to hazel and back. 120 more words