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Liar Liar Pants on Fire

NBC News Anchor Brian Williams was suspended for six months without pay. He apologized for “misremembering” a military incident while reporting overseas event. He committed the sin of stretching the truth. 447 more words

What Never Was

It’s difficult to remember my old life now.

Life has returned to this home.

A fresh coat of color covered years of history, and

long-neglected repairs were made… 84 more words


Former NSA chief Michael Hayden calls himself an "unrelenting libertarian"

Michael Hayden has served as director of both the CIA and NSA. 

  • Speaking at a Conservative PAC conference, Michael Hayden characterized himself as an “unrelenting libertarian”, and that his duty to the constitution is to provide for the common defense, something that apparently entails spying on millions and millions of your own citizens.
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People lie.

I remember the first “conscious” lie I told–by conscious, I mean telling a lie that I fully understood was a lie, and simultaneously knowing that it was wrong to do so. 1,020 more words

Pathological Liars

People may lie to get what they want or to evade responsibility, but lying is also a method of manufacturing and upholding a sense of superiority. 15 more words

Sociopathic Tactics

Honesty Please

Why do people lie?

Now, I’ll admit, I lie constantly. However, when it comes to something big and lying to people I care about… that I hate doing. 569 more words



Wednesday, February 25

Today I am mad at parents. And yes, I know, I am a parent too. I figured out today that I have 199 years of experience at being a parent (I added the children’s ages together). 297 more words