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Rebound- Not the Real Way to be Find Next Love

Hello people!! How are you? I am sure you guys must be having great time. Let’s make is something more interesting by taking topic of ‘Relationship’. 1,348 more words


Irish blood

“Call yourself a gentleman,
and I’ll know you’re not.

It’s not me,
it’s desperation
clouding like cologne.

You’re choking on your urges,
I’m clawing to get away. 15 more words


November 4th, 2014

“Some days I look at who I used to be and I can’t believe that I spent three years being wholly consumed by infatuation… even regardless of this inconsolable distrust I acquired while I was shattered. 148 more words


soulmate, The One, Love of life??? really

I guess I cannot wait for the day that I can proudly say that I have found my Soul mate, the Love of my life, my everything, the one who completes me inside and out, The one I have waited and prayed for, the one I know was made for me, He will be THE ONE (and no this is not like Neo in the Matrix). 928 more words

Janitorial Position

“Hey, you are a voracious reader. You tell me if I publish my photo on my book cover, will you buy it?” The asshole sitting across to me in the office main hall asked. 637 more words


Hush now

Hush now…

When you place your fingertip on my lips

and utter those guttural words

I know that I am done for..

I cannot explain the where or the why,

52 more words

We Love the Chase.

Why do we chase those who do not desire us?

I guess I just wanted to feel something again, and it seems I’d rather feel hurt and used than alone for one more second. 252 more words