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Something to blog?

Hello beautiful people! I hope your health is great now that easter is near!

I’ve had another dialysis day and everything went fine. The blood pressure dropped for a minute but bounced right back up, so I’m thinking there was some kind of error in the machine. 494 more words



I made it to the age of 30 and I can hardly believe it. It’s not been a gentle journey and I doubt that it will be one from here on out. 1,221 more words


A Fairy Tale

If we are lucky we grow up with parents who read us wonderful bedtime stories. These stories are filled with magic, royalty, heart, courage, and morality. 1,341 more words


Happiness is a Talent

I am always struck by how a phrase can come into a life at the most serendipitous times. Whether the phrase comes from a book, a person, or from your own soul it can swirl around for days or weeks and then something in life will happen and you know that the aforementioned phrase was a gift to you for that very moment. 172 more words


Broken Melodies

This New Years I find myself reading and hearing of everyone else’s new beginnings. It’s wonderful to see everyone embarking on new adventures. For me though, I recognize that New Year’s has brought me to an ending in one of my adventures. 781 more words


Signs From Ruth

When I was a child I took a road trip with my Grandmother Ruth. Every summer she would drive across the country to visit all her children and grand-children. 1,237 more words


Prayer Jail

A few weeks ago I had an interesting encounter and it has been worming it’s way into my soul. Not in the way most people would think though. 1,542 more words