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The New Lupus Me

Living with Lupus is not near as difficult as working a job with Lupus, at least not for me anyway.

I can deal with the way Lupus affects me far easier than they way my Lupus affects the people I work with. 516 more words


Well it seems as though my Episcleritis is flaring again. The other night I rubbed my eyes in bed. Apparently I rubbed them too hard because my right eye was killing me for the rest of the night. 340 more words

You are more than beautiful

So, cancer sucks. Diabetes sucks. Lupus stinks, Multiple Sclerosis is horrible, and fibromyalgia is miserable. All incurable diseases are overwhelming, depressing, and heartbreaking. And sometimes, the disease itself isn’t even the worst part! 695 more words

What is Lupus?

Lupus is an autoimmune disease  where the immune system attacks its healthy tissues. This may cause inflammation, pain, swelling, and damage. Most common symptoms to Lupus patients include fatigue, fever, joint pain, extreme sun sensitivity, weight loss, hair loss and a lupus rash. 117 more words


Remove Stressors

Sometimes your stress comes from trying so hard to hide lupus from those you feel don’t understand. At some point, you will have to stop worrying about what others say about you and the battle you fight with lupus.

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Lupus Support with Images

This link is to my Pinterest Posts on “Pain.” I live with extreme pain every minute of my life. I am blessed enough to have a doctor who helps me manage my pain – and I am eternally grateful for him. 88 more words