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Garden Green Guac Bagel

Below my office is a great little juice bar that I frequent often. As their business grew, they were encouraged by their patrons to start carrying healthy lunch items. 237 more words


Spiced tuna and Tomato Pasta

Tuna pasta dishes are wonderful. They are effortless to make, require very little preparation, and rich in protein. Also all of the ingredients (apart from the fresh tomatoes) were kitchen cupboard essentials  – in my kitchen at least (!) I came up with this particular recipe on Saturday after losing track of time painting and realising that as it was 9.55pm, there was no way I could get to a shop to buy some dinner  before the closing time of 10pm. 270 more words


Provisions Cafe

On a gloomy Monday lunchtime we found ourselves in Williamstown and I thought we’d take the opportunity to find somewhere for lunch before trekking back to the train station and journeying back to Footscray.   180 more words


Broilerifileed jogurtimarinaadis

Selle roa juures tegin mitmeid asju n-ö valesti. Kana oli mul vist selle marinaadikoguse kohta liiga vähe. Pluss jogurtit ei tahtnud pärast niisama ära visata, nii et ma ei puhastanud fileesid enne paneerimist jogurtist ja seega ei hakanud riivsai just väga hästi külge. 126 more words


Ravioli for Lunch

Mama (mother-in-law) and I decided to eat our lunch for today outside since the housemaid was out for almost a week now and pretty much we wanted to treat ourselves for working around the house and helping each other to survive each day of household chores. 206 more words


homemade cold noodle salad

shot by: Joyce Wong (ms_jwong)
this recipe came about quite unexpectedly. i had leftover egg noodles and didn’t know what to do with them! 448 more words

Sushi Gen

For me, it’s always a treat to come here for a super cheap, fresh, delicious platter of sashimi for just $16 for a weekday lunch. Don’t be too surprised when you see the line/crowd of people standing outside. 62 more words