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there were train tracks and frog/fart noises

Then I woke up and there were
soap suds in my heart, but
my veins and my arms were not clean
and there was my brother making… 44 more words

2015년 4월 4주 북미 Lumber & OSB 가격 상황

한주 내내 구조재 시자의 전체적인 기류는 대부분 하향세이었지만 대부분의 수종에서 수요일 혹은 목요일이후에 강세 기반을 보여주기 시작하였습니다. 수요일에 선물시장에서의 상승세가 시장의 활기를 가져왔고, 해외 수출량의 증가, 그리고 감산 소식등이 강세 기반을 형성하게 만들었습니다.

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The Mahogany Association INC

Great vintage find by DelfinasDelightful (88.00 USD) http://ift.tt/1EEk1n0

Softwood lumber agreement with U.S. expected to expire in October

Canada’s lumber producers say they expect the softwood lumber agreement with the United States will be allowed to expire in October.

As the clock ticks away to the deadline, West Fraser Timber noted in its first-quarter earnings report that the likelihood of an extension or replacement agreement becomes increasingly remote. 275 more words


U.S. Stocks: Timber!

The stock market has seen yet another asset class partner fall by the wayside. Since the outbreak of the financial crisis in the summer of 2007 and also in the years since the market bottom in early 2009, stocks and lumber have moved in complete tandem with one another. 52 more words

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James F. Cook (1863-1937)

I added a new page on James F. Cook, who was a lumberman and politician. He lived at 1932 Alberni Street from 1912 to 1918, … 23 more words