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The Glorious Whitewasher

Bob’s new living room ceiling uses tongue-and-groove barnboard we recycled from demolishing the walls. He’s aiming for a rustic look, so we can use knotted and chipped pieces no problem. 244 more words


Train, train, train

Well, 4 miles on Sunday to start out the week has certainly helped fuel the rest of this week full of positivity.

My training schedule had Monday slated as a rest day, and although I’d still planned on doing 3 miles, waking up at 330am for work did me in, and I opted for sleep instead of a run. 485 more words

Timber! Lumber Liquidators gets mulched

Shares of Lumber Liquidators (LL) are getting mulched Monday in the first day of trading after a “60 Minutes” report showing the company’s hardwood floor products contain high levels of formaldehyde. 113 more words


Milling Walnut on March 1st (in the snow)

As we get things dialed in on the chainsaw mill, the cutting is going quite a bit better. Today we milled a 10′ by 18″-20″ diameter black walnut log into 1 1/4″ boards. 76 more words

Black Walnut

2014년 2월 4주 북미 Lumber & OSB 가격 상황

미국 동부 지역의 심한 기상 악화 때문에 거래자들의 소극성이 계속적으로 심화되고, 이제는 파급 효과가 다른 지역으로까지 진행되고 있습니다. 판매, 운송, 생산등의 부진이 남부 지역까지 퍼져가고 있습니다.

Market Price

Ambrose Clark (1883-1909)

I added a new page on Ambrose Clark. He was a carpenter and logger who lived at 1808 Nelson Street in 1908.