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Visa Update / My Life in 100+ Pounds

February 27, 2015

I have had my visa since the 21st. Apparently the DC consulate is extremely efficient and the Chicago consulate takes a bit more time…we’ve been waiting and waiting for Kevin’s visa to arrive. 393 more words


How secure is your luggage?

How many of us check our locked luggage through without a second thought?

I have always thought the wrapping of luggage in plastic at the airport was a little excessive, not to mention an assault on the environment. 131 more words


Travel Light

‘I would gladly live out of a suitcase if it meant I could see the world’.

I love this quote, and along with the millions upon millions of others who aspire to travel, I would more than happily make the (very small) sacrifice if it meant exploring the world. 443 more words


Lightbulb Moment #5: Ditch Your Passport And Carry A Copy

When it comes to my passport, I guard it like I do my credit cards and social security number.  When abroad or getting ready to travel internationally the only time I have my passport on my person is when I need to show it to airport personnel, or for border crossings.  161 more words


Why friends shouldn't let friends fly American Airlines :)

This is so ridiculous!  Check out the one quote from their spokesman Josh Freed.  He absolutely without a doubt must have worked for the United States government at some point in his life! 19 more words