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Bienvenidos al Peru

We really did it!

Fit that in your civic!

After some sad farewells and many hugs we ventured to the airport with all our luggage in tow.   875 more words

Luggage Crisis: Between a Worrier and a Problem-Solver

“What size luggage are you bringing?”

Six words. Six words sent my husband and me into a tizzy. Well, not really these words. It was the next thread that my friend sent. 478 more words


Day 141 -History

In September of 1994 I was getting ready to embark on my epic journey to Europe. I was given a beautiful blue MEC backpack and at my bon voyage party a Catholic nun named Sister Mary Ellen tied this little string of pink ribbon to it. 171 more words


Phew! Hard work but all baggage scales at Birmingham Airport have been tested!

It has been a hard slog lifting all those weights but all 123 baggage weighers at Birmingham Airport have been tested!! Every year Solihull Trading Standards carry out checks at the airport to make sure the baggage scales are fair and passengers are not being overcharged for their luggage weight. 78 more words

Homesickness and Dead Men's Pointy Shoes

“I just want to go home! I want to go back to where—’ a trace of moisture appeared in Rincewind’s eye—‘to where there’s cobbles under your feet and some of the beer isn’t too bad and you can get quite a good piece of fried fish of an evening, with maybe a couple of big green gherkins, and even an eel pie and a dish of whelks, and there’s always a warm stable somewhere to sleep in and in the morning you are always in the same place as you were the night before and there wasn’t all this weather all over the place.

994 more words

What are the best airport hacks?

Answer by Vinay Shukla:

Do not waste time waiting for Baggage using this hack.

You are in a hurry and do not want to waste time waiting for your Baggage for too long below is a trick which works for me and my friends.

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如大家是多啦A夢的粉絲,更可入手其單人柔纖印花毛毯。它跟大雄、靜宜及叮鈴三人一同坐上時光機,回到那些年。捧著紅蘋果的熊本市吉祥物熊本熊(KUMAMON)也是不錯之選,呆呆笨笨的樣子讓人會心微笑。此外,印有LINE人氣角色熊大及兔兔的粉紅毛毯大概能令粉絲一見鍾情。以ONE PIECE的路飛及索柏為主角一款,更用上雪狐絨呢。各款設計每店只限售一百張,入手要快。

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