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Conscription and other Draconian Taxes - Ryan McMaken

Conscription (i.e., “the draft”) was ended in the United States more than forty years ago, but it continues to be widely used outside North America and Western Europe. 376 more words


Book Review: "From Aristocracy to Monarchy to Democracy"

I just finished reading “From Aristocracy to Monarchy to Democracy” by Hans-Herman Hoppe, available at Mises.org (one of the best websites on the Internet), and a number of things bother me about it. 1,149 more words


A Capitalist Christmas, by Dale Steinreich

From the Ludwig von Mises Institute, via The Free Market magazine, December 1995:

Halloween has a socialist tenor. Menacing figures arrive at your door uninvited, demand your property, and threaten to perform an unspecified “trick” if you don’t fork over. 187 more words

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The First Libertarian? - Jeff Thomas

Most libertarians count Murray Rothbard as one of their mentors. They will know that Rothbard’s primary mentors were Ludwig Von Mises and Friedrich Hayek. But Rothbard dug deeper in his search for libertarian thinking. 306 more words


Back Up a Minute: Confusing Capitalism with Fractional Reserve Banking

For the Ludwig Von Mises Institute‘s Mises Daily, August 06, 2014 Frank Hollenbeck writes:

Today, capitalism is blamed for our current disastrous economic and financial situation and a history of incessant booms and busts. 844 more words


Response to Thomas Picketty and Mises' "The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality" by Andrew B. Wilson

I recently had the pleasure of reading this essay at the Ludwig Von Mises Institute website. While I agree with at least some of the general gist of the piece I found the parts I disagreed with worthy of commenting on. 1,353 more words


Non-Cooperation Penalizes Itself

Society does not tell a man what to do and what not to do. There is no need to enforce cooperation by special orders or prohibitions.

81 more words