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Dream Journal: Nah it's ok.

No, fun dream first.

I’m in a fight, but my side is losing. It’s a historical *game* with a pre-decided date so I shouldn’t be able to change anything, but I am going to try anyway. 747 more words

Dream Journal

I Miss You

I miss you while working
The murmur in the room is
Almost rhythmic
Papers whisper and the air through the window
Is low,
Just like that I’m still in bed… 60 more words

a tub as a toilet....

WTF….really?  simply gross.

Dreamt about shitting and pissing in the bathtube. WTF.  Yep ……….I was…. . shitting and pissing in the bathtub.  Not only that but the BYFD decided to get in it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 32 more words


Lucid Dream

I had a dream–actually a nightmare– that was really bad. It was a lucid dream, but I don’t remember anything about it except this: it was so dark and evil that in the dream, even though I knew it was a dream, I wanted it to end to escape from it. 119 more words


OBE: Through the Screen

I had a very brief lucid-dream-to-OBE this morning.

Elevator Tube

I had been dreaming in vivid color of being taken down this elevator at intense speeds. 647 more words


Animals in dream interpretation: Personal relationship and connection to animals and impact on what these dreams mean

Animals in our dreams can be represented  by a wide range of various visions and symbols. As the long history of dream interpretation shows, dreams which include animals and animal symbols prove the true value and legitimacy of their interpretation. 812 more words

Dream Interpretation

Chaos After Order

Dear G,

it’s 03:13 am.

i’ve just woken up from a weed induced slumber. i always wake up
feeling like i was lucid dreaming, and maybe, i haven’t read your… 610 more words

Just Cross Namanga