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Using Neurofeedback to Biohack and Retrain the Migraine Brain: Act IV

Act I
Act II

I have 21 Neurofeedback (NFB) sessions under my belt, and I’m considering going for another 10 sessions. So far I’m experiencing improvements in sleep, I’ve had three lucid dreams, which are extremely cool, I’m able to relax and meditate with more ease. 170 more words


Dreams and Intersecting Phenomena

In early January, Sarcastic Muse Amanda Headlee wrote about getting inspiration from your dreams. It’s a great post, you can read it if you like, Ill wait. 1,023 more words


Lucid Dreams.

Sometimes when I dream – and by dream I don’t mean sitting and picturing my future, thinking about where I wanna be in ten years and the goals I wanna achieve, no , I mean literally sleeping and dreaming …you know, the visual images you get when you’re deep in the arms of Morpheus- I am aware that I am dreaming … And other times I can change the plot of my dreams to whatever I like. 586 more words

Study Shows Brain Difference in Lucid Dreamers

A new study has revealed that the area of the brain that controls self reflection, the anterior prefrontal cortex, is larger in lucid dreamers than those who rarely or never have lucid dreams.  314 more words

Lucid Dreaming

Kundalini Resistance

I couldn’t sleep last night. My baby has been sick and my husband left town on a business trip. I asked for help from my guides and fell asleep around midnight. 679 more words


Dream trap

I am a hardcore skeptic. It is thus in my nature to dismiss esoteric explanations of everyday phenomena. More particularly, a nondescript activity such as dreaming of flying. 914 more words

Every night I see parts of the next day.......

If this can happen than time HAS to be non linear.  It has to be happening all at the same time.  Quantum physics is right.