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The way back home

At the police station, in the interrogation room, I was worried. I worried about what would become of Kevin and of me. The police officers peppered me with questions, where had we been, what had we done, deep personal questions about our sex life, everything under the sun. 731 more words

Circling the drain

*This writing contains possible triggers, read with caution*

In my life it seemed that I would fall head over head over heels for the guys who wanted nothing more from me than sex and would run, throw a monkey wrench or find fault in the ones who may have legitimately loved me. 1,000 more words

Life in the in between

Socially, I was doing okay, I had friends and they meant the world to me, but even in that, I didn’t really fit in. Most of my closest friends were the studious nerdy type because inside that’s who I really was and while I felt a sense of freedom hanging with the stoners, I didn’t really belong there either. 759 more words

What Is Your Signature Dish?

How many food connoisseurs do we have out there? There is nothing like a delicious meal at a classy restaurant. And don’t forget the “Signature Dish.” But what exactly is a signature dish and what does it have to do with me? 376 more words

The throw away girl

Around this time is when I started writing a lot of poetry, or rather poetry started demanding to be written by me. I could be doing anything, even waking from sleeping with verses writing themselves in my head. 686 more words

Sunny days

For a while, I tried to fly under the radar, tried to keep my nose clean. There was still so much chaos going on in my life. 851 more words