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Study: 'Soooo In Love' On Facebook? Maybe You're Just Insecure

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – If you’ve ever found yourself inwardly gagging over a Facebook “friend’s” relationship posts, take a deep breath and repeat this: They’re just insecure. 205 more words


You seem ok why take the tablets?

Well my daily routine is done and dusted, pills taken and ready for the day, if only.

Many people I have met believe that if your on antidepressants your fit to function as they do or believe you should, well that’s not the case. 166 more words


It's all sallow

Today has been a flat day. I have no structure with my son off for half term and am still in my pyjamas.

Getting dressed feels like an Herculean effort: I would have to go upstairs, take my towel into the bathroom, have a wee, clean my teeth, clean between my teeth, switch on the shower, get in the shower, soap, rinse, shampoo, rinse, decide whether (and what) to shave, switch off the shower, get dried, moisturise, decide what clothes to put on, put them on, put my pyjamas for wash, decide whether to dry my hair, comb it, dry it (of course I would dry it but I like to pretend I have a devil-may-care attitude by giving myself the choice), brush it, fasten it back because it was due a cut two months ago and now touches my neck (Urgh!), put my towel to dry. 346 more words


Why am I Blogging ?

Why blog about my Depression and Anxiety, people will say.

Firstly its easier to write than to talk, talking delivers a world wind of responses, both verbally and non-verbally. 117 more words


Love yourself/You're beautiful in every way

(Source: POPSUGAR/ Photography: THEM TOO)

Kimberly Snyder – Author of: THE BEAUTY DETOX POWER.  I found the article and photo on POPSUGAR Fitness, May 25, 2015 through Yahoo! 237 more words

Low Self-esteem

No Expectations

Now I’ve never claimed to be a dating advice blog. No sir! This is just my own personal journey. I do my posts on a whim. 516 more words

Online Dating


I am a person here inside

Tapping my temple with my finger

And no one seems to care.

I screamed and screamed, no sound escaped

I lost my voice completely.