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why wasn't a raised voice enough?

people question the motives of others without truly questioning their understanding of a situation.¬†“Essence, how did you not know it was going to lead to that point?” 430 more words

Memoirs of a Washout Writer

Squinting his eyes to better see in the light of a pale gibbous moon, he hurriedly takes out the short pencil hidden in his shirt pocket, and proceeds to write on the little scraps of paper he was able to salvage from the trash. 375 more words

Prose And Poetry

Dealing with Depression without Jesus

Growing up we did not question the existence of God. How could you? The reality that there is someone in control of my life and there for me even when all else fails was a good illusion. 715 more words

Playing pretend.

It is getting more difficult to hide the fact that I’ve gained weight. Black clothes. V-necks. Baggy jackets. Drinking less water. Not breathing deeply. Holding in my stomach in public. 848 more words

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i apologise!

Excuse my nakedness and the darkness that follows it,

creating a shadow every step of the way.

Excuse the way my arms fall flat by my non-existing hips; with veins popping out. 225 more words


Never to be chained again

I sold my soul
For a new ego

I gave away my 61 Travelall and 69 Harley for $900
And bought an 85 Maxima on payments… 97 more words


Broken girl: one piece.

You know, I struggle everyday not to be that broken,abused, and uncherished person that people have tried to turn me into in the past. Today, while at work minding my business, I reminisced. 379 more words