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Why You Should Continue To Lower Your Expectations

Are you happy? Like, really happy? As in long-term, not just in the moment because you’re reading this literary gem happy. I truly believe that many people (whether they admit it out loud or not) would answer that question with a “no” – and I don’t blame them. 891 more words

Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations

by Alex and Brett Harris

I really enjoyed reading this book.  It is a book written by two teenagers to teenagers.  Have you ever wonder… 54 more words

Good Reads

How lowering expectations can make you happier

This week i read an article about low expectations and how it can help you boost your self-confidence. The title made me think about it in a way i never had: “The case for lowering your expectations. 407 more words




I. The Aunt

Amid bloodied linens and basins of tepid water
in my sister’s drafty farmhouse, I held this pitiful creature
in my hands. Look at her, she’s not going to make it. 120 more words


This blog is about many things. It’s about my love for (and struggle with) fitness and health, my curiosity with science, and my deep-seeded loathing of idiocy and fallacy. 880 more words

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It's Not About the Bike: Expectations and Blindness

The last thing I do some nights is remove them. I flip my long hair over my shoulder and take the first one out of my ear. 749 more words

Low Vision

Great Expectations

I have heard of great expectations before, but when I listened to an interview on NPR recently, it gave the whole concept a new twist for me. 1,141 more words