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Morning Bacon and Tomato Frittata

Love these variations for Brekkie. 225 Calories per frittata

2 medium eggs – beaten

50ml skimmed milk

1 tomato sliced

2 rashers of reduced fat lean smoked bacon… 73 more words


Stuffed pepper with mixed lentils and rice- Fitness Food

OMG you all gonna love it, its look awesome and taste great bonus it is very healthy for you. I have something to exiting to look forward to and I will probably share it soon here and on my private blog with more details but for what’s coming I need fit and strong body and mind so I am doing my stick routine. 261 more words

Vegetarian Dishes.

Mid Week Healthy Dinner in under 12 minutes.

Serves 1 – Calories per serving 350, 5.8g fat, 0.7g sat fat, 7g protein

1 x carrot sliced thinly

1/4 cabbage sliced thinly

1/4 courgette sliced thinly… 130 more words


Butternut Squash Smoothie

If you follow my blog for a while now you will know that I was doing 2 weeks smoothie challenge on the begin of February, I made it because I challenge my husband to go vegan/ vegetarian for a whole month of January and he really liked when I was doing smoothies for us every day over that period. 144 more words


Homemade sweet potato wedges

So we all love fries right? But we don’t want the excess fat from frying them right? Well, this recipe is healthy and will make you happy! 62 more words


Porkie Krauts (Pork N Kraut Cabbage Rolls)

Low/No Carb Lower Calories
THESE WERE AMAZING! Kid who hates kraut and horseradish, LOVED these!

Meat Mixture:
1.25lb Pork (Chow Mein Style-Chunky Ground Kind)
1c canned Sauerkraut, slight drain can… 199 more words


Skinny Alfredo shrimp

So this recipe is 290 calories per serving (5 ounces of shrimp, half a cup of cooked egg noodles, side of steamed broccoli)


1/2 a jar of Walden farms Alfredo sauce… 78 more words