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Our current path: The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

every man did that which was right in his own eyes.

In the book of Judges we read our story.   Every man did that which was right in his own eyes.” 208 more words


Working Toward Freedom

I watched wide-eyed as our nation raged. Our rulers prepared for battle, plotted and cried out, “Let’s free ourselves from this slavery!”

Who did they cry out against? 327 more words

Love In Life

The Good Samaritan: Becoming Vulnerable For My Neighbor

The good Samaritan story does not stand alone, it comes in the midst of other stories. Luke is not just recording history, Luke is writing his account of the gospel, the good news that the world is being made right through the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. 713 more words

God Thoughts

No taking a bath on the main street during banking hours

In a classic Frank and Ernest cartoon, the two of them stand facing hundreds of books in a Law Library. Frank says to Ernest: ‘It’s frightening when you think that we started out with just Ten Commandments.’ And so it is. 110 more words



In Israel’s promises to obey God and His laws, they were depending upon themselves, in David’s promises to love God and to call upon Him in time of trouble, he was depending upon the character and capacities of God. 301 more words


The Friend's Heart

Idaho greetings to you all, beloved family!!! I call you my family because through our faith in Jesus, we are all children of our Father in heaven and we all have been given a seat of honor in our Father’s heavenly realm forever!!! 765 more words

God's Love

Examining Old School Anime: How a Mazone Shows the Importance of Mental Prayer

Episode 15 of Space Pirate Captain Harlock features, after Queen Lafresia, the most interesting Mazone we’ve yet met.  Aurora been posted inside an ice palace at the North Pole, where she waits for Captain Harlock to investigate the curious pattern produced by an aurora borealis.   692 more words