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“the holy land”

Was it really for the fight over Jesus Christ, or rather for exploitation?  Taking a class on the Renaissance in Barcelona, I learned a different point of view when compared to catholic school.   138 more words


apa yang kalian ketahui mengenai pilah pilih?

satu hal yang aku bingungkan, pernyataan itu selalu teruntuk untuk aku. Bagaimana aku bisa menjawabnya?

aku bahkan tak pernah mengerti apa sebenarnya maksud “pilah-pilih” tersebut? 214 more words


a piece of hope is the one matters most

A piece of hope is the one matters most. Do you see yourself surrender without giving a fight?

Do you easily quite without even facing the end? 120 more words

Inspirational Message

Technology the lifeline of our relationship

The iPad is such a useful tool in today’s technology driven society. Some of us use it for social networking, gaming, education, work, etc. For my now husband and I it was our main mean of maintaining our two thousand plus miles, long distance relationship. 389 more words


Liebe ist...zu leben!

Heute mal wieder ein Buchtipp für alle Leseratten unter euch: „Die Liebe meines Lebens“ – von Schnulzen-Autorin Cecilia Ahern. Ich hatte das Buch in drei Tagen gelesen… Es ist wie immer auf Cecilia Aherns einzigartige, einfühlsame Weise geschrieben…aber ausnahmsweise mal nicht zuuu kitschig ;) Es erzählt die Lovestory von Christine und Adam. 50 more words

Review: The Sculptor by Scott McCloud

Death, Love and the Artist

Rating: Superb, 9 of 10

It is common believe – and not without good reason – that people who talk or write on a very theoretical level are not the ones who will be able to produce something in the quality they are others asking for. 787 more words


Distance is meaningless if you truly love him

Dustin and I met in Maine while I was on vacation, needless to say love was the last thing on my mind when I was there during the summer. 645 more words