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coo coo

I am fucking wreckless . My feelings of anger, hurt, sadness, and overall mentality have been out of control since Saturday. I have got to get a grip of my mouth and behaviors immediately. 323 more words


all in 

Yesterday was extremely difficult . This is a repeat of Christmas break ..the only difference being Dom will have to make a choice sooner than later . 786 more words


I'm still here. Your still here. Alive and Breathing.

Does your body feel heavy? As much as the many images from the past keep popping up into your vision, you just can’t stop. Being hit with bricks of pain loss and sorrow. 1,064 more words

stand still

I didn’t know what to do with myself yesterday. I spoke to Dom finally in the afternoon, and just hearing his voice made my heart beat slightly again. 261 more words



Ive been messaging this married guy for a while. We have known each other for years but last year we almost had sex and since then we’ve kept in touch. 74 more words


on edge

I am completely devastated. This entire situation , relationship, affair…none of it is fair . Since when do I share ? Since when do I wait ? 247 more words


He, whom.

I live for your smile

The crooked, gap teeth smile that hardly anyone sees.

And I love the way you laugh

So outrageous, so ridicious, it’s adorable. 87 more words