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Trophies Of The Cheater's Success

Why does a woman publish tons of private photos with her lover to Facebook and Instagram?

Why does a woman who is currently married share these disgusting pictures and videos with friends and collegues? 234 more words

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Day 1 : Name

9 letters

4 vowels | 5 consanants


Musician, inspirationalist, chaotic, helpful, artistic, extrovert, lover, linguistic, entertainer.

It’s a unique name that not many people have. 129 more words

Journal Entry #1

Fourth of May, 2015

Today, I asked all my friends “what is the best thing your lover can give”? Expectedly, most answers involved material things, but one. 95 more words



Your lips are pen
Mine are papers
Please Write with pink
I love you with that ink

Enjoyed writing
Today I will read

Don’t know What heart will think… 54 more words



His chest rises and falls in a gentle ebb and flow.
He murmurs softly, trying to wake himself
but his sighs are too deep, his eyes too heavy. 103 more words


I Am No Lover

‎Saturday, ‎April ‎19, ‎2014

Forever dust have i ever been?
My bones and skin wrapped in between
Didn’t i..love to love, live
No sparkles of youth here but dirt’s… 28 more words

Un Inconnu Amour

To Whom It May Concern:

Hello. You don’t know me. You probably never will. But I know you. Well, I think I know you. I don’t actually know your name, but If I’m lucky I will one day. 192 more words