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He was born

In white hills

Never drank a drop too much

Only smoked a pipe once or twice

Never ate too much

Never had too many things… 53 more words


Try to make the full moon beautiful again

Today is the full moon…in march of 2015. In july of 2014 exactly 8 full moons ago I wrote that first little note in my phone saying fuck the full moon. 358 more words

8 Things They Didn't Tell You About Love

  1. You will HATE your lover, sometimes.
    The “Oh-God-Even-Their-Voice-Is-Annoying-Right-Now” kind of hate. In the beginning, it might freak you out. BIG TIME. I mean, how can you hate your lover?!
  2. 801 more words

Are you coming?

Legs crossed

Head cocked

Shirt cropped



Are you coming to play?


Check List

It’s old fashion and very popular whether they admit or not, but here’s my check list of what I look for in my “other half”. 125 more words

Check List