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An Inch of Bullet

Jordan had told him that it was literally painless; but as much as Jordan had assured him of the thunderous pace of a single shot, it was completely a different experience when Tenzin was breathing with a live seething bullet stuck in his chest. 1,447 more words

Short Stories


Draw near to me

Says the moon to the wailing sea

Lovers waves surrender

To the steady tugs of gravity

Original Poetry

angel of compassion - April 1


the night when the

chills come, I wrap

deep into my blanket

wool cap on my head,

toesies in socks, sniffles

and sneezes tearing… 36 more words


You have been...

I wrote this tiny piece sometime back while my mind was blank and still;


the first time

Light entered Sylvia’s bedroom
it was a hot morning outside the blinds
her sheet moved slowly
folding itself in clusters around her thighs
where inside her restless thoughts now gathered… 266 more words



The perfect night has a full moon, music.

A lover.

The one who knows everything and still wants me. She’s the girl I can take anywhere. 138 more words

Side Quests

The Story of Hanoon's First Love "Jane"

This video is for those of you who don’t like reading :P I love my lazy a$$es <3 <3 <3

First Love