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hallelujah it came!

I managed to force myself up at 7+ this morning for a friendly game of netball. It’s a great feat considering how ‘light’ I feel with the ongoing iron loss down there after 2 scary weeks of paranoia about my delayed period. 940 more words

041615 Thurs


“Love/Hate” OTM x12
-Odd Minutes: Pick a movement you hate, do 1-3 reps (if du’s, shoot for :30 of practice) 129 more words


Wednesday April 8th, 2015

Sometimes I wonder what the hell did I do wrong? Why am I never good enough? I’m smart, half of the time, I’m pretty, when I have time, but I’m always loyal. 606 more words


Don Jon

yo, whatcha lookin’ at?

watched the movie Don Jon http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_Jon which was hilarious, ladies if you want an insight into men and the current state of “love” in the 21st century then go watch this and stop complaining about porn. 7 more words


Andrew Salgado

I was introduced to Andrew Salgado‬ a couple of years ago and fell in love with his work immediately. He is a bit of a babe himself and has been churning outstanding paintings out over the past couple of years so there is plenty of stuff to look at out there. 35 more words


Holy Week Reflection from the Treadmill

I love Holy Week. Our Faith life is so rich and full and the sense of anticipation is great. You may have noticed by now that I have a Love/Hate relationship with my treadmill that is echoed this week as well as in all of my sufferings. 474 more words


Inexplicable Toronto

Alone among the crowds
Silent in the bustle of hurry
Blind to the blinded
Aware of your cruelty
Open to your
Savage beauty
I am walking inside of you… 166 more words