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I seem to have this thing going with you,

A kind of love/hate relationship.

Sometimes you do everything you can to please me

And with the help of your boundless knowledge… 93 more words


052115 THURS


“Love/Hate” EMOM x 12 (Choose DIFFERENT movements than previous “love/hate” days)

-Odd Minutes: Pick a movement you hate, do 1-3 reps (if du’s, shoot for unbroken practice) 66 more words


How Does Love Transform Into Hate?

Last night in found my wakefulness and fitfullness draining my patience and challenging me to a brawl. Instead of overcoming the stacked odds, I succumbed to the emotions and started to read the immeasurable threads of woe on the Web – tales of affairs and the end of which came by way of being coldly and callously removed. 900 more words

Beautiful Love


HELLO! Can you hear me? Do you see me?
I’m here, standing right in front of you
Am I invisible, hidden from your eyes, a ghost, out of sight, masked by your inability to recognize your own daughter? 243 more words


5 Racist Words That Make You Sound Hateful

You’ve probably been unconsciously using racist words your entire life.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are guilty of harboring hateful views, but you may have been using derogatory slang without knowing it. 471 more words


My love/hate affair with reviews

“As an author…” Don’t you just hate it when someone starts the conversation as “As X I believe Y.” It sets them apart, says “I’m X and you aren’t therefore you don’t understand in the same way I do.” 772 more words


Power of Live Theater in a Small Box

Dancing with Death (I) (1900) By August Strindberg

When most of us think of live theater, Broadway probably comes to mind first, followed by lavish musicals, and then dramas. 829 more words