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I went running... finally!

Good morning lovely people! I hope you’re all having a lovely Saturday :)

Guess what I did this morning?! I went running! Finally. I’ve been SO lazy recently. 193 more words


The state of innocence

Innocence -like a child’s innocence- once lost cannot be regained. There seems to be a similar occurrence in relationships. Once you lose that innocence-like state where there was only love, where you literally worshipped him; when there was no hatred, no insulting, no disrespecting, no wanting to hurt the other, no disillusionment, no having been let down, no letting the other down, no considering calling it quits; once you lose that innocence in the relationship, there’s no getting this state back. 25 more words

By Me

Painting Completed


Acrylic on Canvas
3ft x 4 ft

Here she is all done! Not my finest work, but not my worst either.

On to the next one!


UNDERCURRENTS 2015: "LOVE+HATE" Lacks Drama, Misses Point

LOVE+HATE Lacks Drama, Misses Point

The first performance I caught on Thursday’s opening night was LOVE+HATE, directed by Emma Ferrante and featuring the locally adored musical collective, the PepTides. 88 more words


Valentines Massacre

When u love sooo hard you lose sense…


From your mind to your toes your numb by its poison…


A snake doesn’t hiss anymore it calls you babe, friend, forever… … 85 more words


Is love only about hurtful things and mere happiness?

To be in love, you just need to feel the love. Poem, letters and other forms of expressions depends upon the thoughtfulness of the lovers. Those who read lovers and thought why ‘lovers’ and not a ‘lover’, well, that is how it has been in my life hence the plural form, in stead of the usual cliche of having just one lover all your life. 390 more words


SoCS: Love and Other Words . . .

I love my husband—
honestly, I do—
and even as I wrap
this cloth napkin
around his neck,
I wish he’d sweep
me up into his arms, 79 more words