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To My Lady (His Point of View)

The moment your eyes laid unto mine
All things began fading into view
Started to think everything seemed fine
As I looked back all I saw was you… 150 more words


It's time to have "the talk"and, no, I don't mean sex. 

Okay, here goes…

I’ve been prolonging writing this blog for weeks and weeks and weeks, but now it’s just really heavy on my heart and I think it’s time I give it up. 584 more words

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I am wanted.  I am needed.  I am loved.

we tend to perceive our world and respond to it within certain constructs. Even within the extremes of pessimism and optimism there are variations in how we receive and disseminate information. 283 more words

work it, work it, fierce.

i am literally writing whatever comes to my head as it comes to my head. stay with me.

can i just say this? be strong. be independent. 521 more words

Fuck You Depression 

I’m never one to brag but I can tell you this I can hold my liquor. I can hold it and hold it some more. Hangovers don’t seem to get me, this may be my famous last words as I’ve currently drank enough to consume a large house party. 431 more words


What troubled our translation was
the gazes that became the mask we wore
till in private we could not remove
those others not our fellows but our cage… 23 more words



I am one of those obsessively misanthropic, terminally pessimistic, sad cases. It’s rare, this smile I’m yet to get rid of, this one which works its way from my now tad warmer heart to my reluctant, lazy features, fighting habit to stay there. 369 more words