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since swaddled

take your rings off, your earrings off take
all that jewelry off. slough off all that
binds those diamond mines; it doesn’t

now, head out to a patch of pines, or, 83 more words


You are loved!

Family have to love you or at least they are supposed to. But when you realised that those outside the family take time to write down now much you are loved by them in my opinion it is extremely difficult to fully understand and even accept. 164 more words

Let Others SEE Your Love in Us

“By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:35

“Mom, why is it so much easier to hate and be mean than it is to love and be kind?” 685 more words


Six To Enjoy!

It is Saturday again! Where do the days go? But I am so glad it is a long weekend which give us all some time to relax and enjoy a few of these: 319 more words

The Random Five

It is strange that people work so hard for money...

It is strange that people work so hard for money and fame when what they really want is to be loved, accepted, wanted and understood. All the material worth of this entire planet is not as important to coming home to a loving family and knowing God.


LOVE yourself. Believe in YOURSELF. Run the WORLD.

“What’s meant to be will always find a way” I have told myself to live by these words. So whenever something happens, whether its good or bad I laugh because its meant to be and soon it will be over. 272 more words

Motivational Section

Another few days in UHCW - Home now

So been in hospital for a few days came crashing down to earth after my 30th bubble of fun.

Had some problems with chest pain, but after a few days in bed and surrounded by some rather funny characters on the ward I am home and back with Drew.   103 more words