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That one time when you wait
You wait so long you get cold
Your legs turn numb
Your back gets sore
You sigh, check the timeSigh again, stretch your back…

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Late Post! FF Special LuHan's Birthday


“Hey Lee Bona, menurutmu hadiah ulang tahun yang bagus itu seperti apa?” gadis yang ditanya itu menghentikan kegiatan makannya, mengangkat sebentar kepalanya, mengindikkan bahu tanda tak tahu lalu mulai menyendok ddaebukkinya lagi. 1,718 more words

All About My Deer

never let anyone tell you
that you are nothing
not even yourself
you are many things, everything, and more
away with emptiness
as there are plenty things in store… 7 more words

Divorced Older Men: The Dating World’s Best Kept Secret

I find older men extremely attractive.  They are more considerate, confident, established…and have ex-wives who have saved you a lot of time moulding them into the adults they are today.   555 more words

love on a (sushi) train

School holidays are a manic time in our household and usually involve my two, plus atleast one or two of their mates. So that automatically becomes a madhouse with FIFA-15 and sausage sizzles being the flavour of the month. 862 more words

Over You

I wish I could be happy like her. I wish someone would also say that I look happy in my photograph. But, that will not happen anytime soon because I ain’t that happy. 21 more words


I remember a time when I rolled over in the middle of the night next to the person I loved the most in the world and still felt so incredibly alone….so to wake up in the middle of the night with no one beside me and still feel encompassed by love is everything to me right now.