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Be your own best friend

Be the one who is loving and supportive of you. Treat yourself really well, just like you would treat a close friend that you treasure. Never beat up on yourself but instead be loving, kind and pampering. 6 more words


Bunny Beeps: I like Bem.

Disclaimer: This is cheesy, and some might find it egotistical, but the fun thing is — I don’t care. Hahaha. My good deed for the day is a good deed for myself, and I will never scrimp on something for myself, so suck it up. 323 more words
Personal Ramblings

Motivational Poetry

🌸I’m sharing a poem about going through some struggles and trials but knowing in the end, all will be well. 🌸

Allow Yourself To Fight… 140 more words

Nhcouture By Nikki

Angel Messages - March 5, 2015

Your DAILY message from the Angels,


Love, Angels!

Each and every day this gets easier, thank you Angels!

Angel Messages

True to yourself, whatever that means to you.

The importance of being true to yourself. I’ve been the type of person to go with the flow and compromise my feelings for the  “greater good” being a peace maker etc…,and I’ve never been truly satisfied by doing this. 143 more words

What I've Learned So Far

How To Beat "Fat Day"

“Fat Day”

Okay so I never use the word “fat” or “fat day”, I think that’s why I’m putting it in quotation marks which is probably a completely incorrect use of punctuation anywaaaay back to the blog post. 460 more words


Did you make a mistake?

No matter what you did; as a result of this experience a solution has already been created for you!

Just relax, be kind to yourself and as you gently find your way to feeling better know that you are now allowing the solution to come to you.