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I once painted in black and white. Every finite stroke of the brush, every dull drop of ink, every tediously crafted detail was monotone. Simply whites and blacks, melting into a limp grey. 83 more words


Not Today

On the sad,

empty shoreline

between sand bars of self-loathing

and white caps of heartache

The gentle waves of your voice whisper,

“Love yourself, Baby Girl,” 136 more words


Confessions of a Hair Cutter

I’ve been an anxious person for as long as I can remember. Even at my earliest memories, I can recall that tinge of fear tainting every one of my actions. 400 more words


To Whoever Invented the Phrase, "Real Women Have Curves" - Here's a Heartfelt F*ck You (strong language used, obviously)

Today was meant to be Skincare Sunday.

I was going to post about how fan freaking-tastic Bath and Body Works 24-hour moisture ultra-shea body creams are…. 2,781 more words


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Here's a wonderful post with a very uplifting point that should be embraced by all women, regardless of size or shape! Note:  Comments disabled here, please see original post.

Budite svoji i ne dopustite da vam netko sere.

Nedugo nakon svađe našla sam se s prijeteljicom. Kad kažem nedugo, pod tim mislim tjedan dana poslije. Zašto?  Nije problem zato što nisam htjela hahah nego zato sto sam mislila da me je u potpunosti prekrižila. 269 more words


New Week- Love Yourself

To allow an open door for someone to love you, you need to love yourself first. Sometimes it’s easier said than done. It’s easier for us to find flaws within ourselves that make us feel less attractive, less worthy, less talented. 121 more words

New Week

Loveth Thy Selfeth

“OMG you are so pretty! I look super ugly standing next to you!”

It was this actual statement made to me by one of my coworkers this weekend that persuaded me to write on this topic. 225 more words