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Loving Yourself

I write a lot about love, but the part I often dwell on is your own ability and choice to love someone else. I tend to think when things are going sour in a relationship, it’s because your partner is doing something to make you unhappy or dissatisfied. 289 more words

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Love Yourself Enough...

Soft rippling water, aromatic fragrances, sumptuous fruit and magic masseuses.  These are among the many luxuries at my favorite hideaway, nestled in a quiet neighborhood not far from the Galleria.  634 more words

Carla M. Brown

In The Beginning...

Like every story, mine also have a beginning and so does yours. Not the beginning when you came out of mamma (we all know how that works by now), but when everything that had happened, affected your life. 722 more words


said with love

Someone says you’ve “put on a little weight.”

Someone gossiped about you. And it was somewhat inaccurate.

Someone doesn’t find you attractive. At all.

Someone thinks you spend money the wrong way. 445 more words

When Spirits Fly

When spirits fly we are no longer restricted in these earthly bodies
We can see our passions and not just a past time hobby
We become open, free, and no more guide-less… 153 more words


Quiet Overlord

I believe in life
And I believe in a hope of tomorrow
Even when sorrows overshadow us
Playing with happiness like a smile comes with a bluff… 230 more words


Being Selfish For Yourself

Putting yourself first is a critical point of self recovery and moving forward.  We sometimes succumb to the freedom around us which causes us to limit and block our own potential.

– Poetry

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Love Yourself