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Sonnet III Quills Dipped in Blood

No ask me not of ‘love’ for I would fain
Let poets dip their pluck’d quills in the blood
Of bleeding hearts and write sonnets of pain, 104 more words

The Old Ram Rod

I am told,

As I push 70,

That I should show some subtlety,

Some finesse,

Be less obvious,

That it is somehow wrong,

Even unbecoming, 67 more words

Losing Balance

Irises met
through a
cacophony of confusion over coffee
and that moment,
my world

started to tilt.

Note: This was written for the prompt “trip” in exactly 17 words. 26 more words



Like sunrise
not everyone will appreciate your sunlight
or value what you offer in life
the way i see you through my eyes


My pen always writes about you being mines… 182 more words

Lino Robles

The text that didn't get sent

I decided to text you

to tell you

I’d miss you

so much

but starting to type

my vision got blurry

tears filled my eyes… 41 more words


Vows After Long Marriage

Your body for my cathedral
Your eyes for my skies
Your hands for my anchor
Your heart for my heart

The corners of your eyes for laughter… 37 more words

Love Beyond Glitter

Glitter, glitter
Shines the Light
Through the stars
And moonlit night
Heart to heart
Glow reaches far
To honor the Soul Love
That you are… 24 more words