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Perfect for You

I am perfect for you
I give you what you need
To be the man you were
Born to be

I am perfect for you… 40 more words


A Haiku

I guess I’m feeling a little romantic today…

Robin Woods

1,000,000 Haiku (poem)

I’d have to write one-
million haiku to match your
heart’s enormous size

& even then…

hearts are ever-expansive,
so I have no choice but to die… 12 more words



i came into her world
knowing if i pull out she’d still be my girl
cause emotions can be threaded softly
yet without skill can be sewn in harshly… 47 more words

Lino Robles

Dawnell Harrison... Kleptomaniac


Light drops from my side

with a new girl screaming

into the silent, rose-filled air.

She loves my face and

her father’s soft embrace. 76 more words


Longing for His Touch

Needing wanting you.  I can’t believe this feeling.

Taking me over, engulfing my soul, taking all of me to the point where I can’t breathe. 136 more words


weeding you away [poetry]

so many bits of you

so many memories

tangled and driven deep within

every inch of me

I’d never noticed the weeds

until you left me… 41 more words