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till the end of world

Lie with me
till the sun burns out quenching its eternal thirst sizzling
to a quiet murmur in the last river of the world.

Hold me… 34 more words


Just the Facts

Cranking down stairs
Long hard night’s joints
Head full of storm clouds
Puffy scrambled Picasso face

There you are:

Your first glance stops the creaking. 21 more words

150330 Untitled 5

Take my hand
Don’t be afraid
Follow my lead
And you’ll always be safe
Keep your eyes on mine
Forget your worries
Read my lips
On the count of three


If I should ever leave your side

If I should ever let you go,
I’ll do it without wanting.
If I should ever have to leave
your heart I’m taking with me… 176 more words


Sunday Night in Early Spring (Sonnet)

Old brown dog snores softly in her bed,
Tightly curled as soon Spring buds will be;
Old black dog stays out until the dark
Drives him from night where he cannot see. 88 more words

When losing it makes complete senseā€¦

(A simple rule for a happy life)

Slender is the tie that binds
Two hearts in love as one
Easy though the harshest word
That signals it has gone. 30 more words