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The Profile On The Pillow

After our fierce loving
in the brief time we found to be together,
you lay in the half light
exhausted, rich,
with your face turned sideways on the pillow… 55 more words



She walks with quick, little steps,

Arms stiff,

Wooden, as if

Fearful of calamity.

Her breasts, however,

Parting the world before her,

They have a life of their own, 22 more words

Blood runs through veins

It is becoming a habit, And we do not even realize

The cycle comes back and repeats itself
Where I collapse and you collapse
And we loose our sanity.
101 more words


love for two

you slept in king beds

ate at ‘tables for two’

so hooked on the idea

that love would come knocking

and you’d already made room


I'm Not Your Bonnie

i wanted a partner in life

you wanted a partner in crime

you sought for chaos

i wanted peace

there are no rules to love… 29 more words


bitter much

There is a glow
to her face
A gleam in her eyes
and she tells me
how in love she is.
I smile and say… 11 more words


Love is ...

… trees picking their skirts
dancing to wind’s songs

… colours of blushing rivers
quivering in sun’s embrace

… waves rushing to kiss
parched lips of shores… 95 more words