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When the sun came through my window

The backs of the butterfly wings caught fire and it was a deep-blooded copper glow when the sun came through my window, the backs, and it has come to represent so much more, the stained glass pane my mom and dad made because of course it would, they do, as symbols: the symbols are no different than any other detail in our days, by virtue of themselves they’re inseparable, the same as the divine we never notice but sometimes in dreams.


"Tony" - by Betty Sweet.

( I can just hear my father:  “HAHAA!  Look at that heada hayuh! “)

* This poem was created by my mother, L. Elisabeth Scanzillo, for a Valentine’s Day party.  440 more words

Original Poetry

Under a brilliant sun

Kissed by the sun
You danced across the landscape
And I watched in amazement
As every part,
Your feet,
Your hair,
Your eyes,
Your dreams, 41 more words


Time and inquiry

For in the wind lie answers,
Old as time itself,
Questions asked by weary travelers
Found only on the lips of lovers.


Sun and sea

Sun and sea
From puffy nimbus clouds
To salty sea foam
Your cool waves crashed headlong
Into the hot rays
And between us
Blew the tumultuous storms… 20 more words


A streaking comet

Our skin seared
Because every point of contact
Was a supernova upon itself
Burning in a cluster
Of a hundred million.
Your fingers traced
Fading streaks across my back… 18 more words



If you like it
i love it
if you want it
i need it


You touch it
i’ll squeeze it
thirsting for your love in this desert… 80 more words

Lino Robles