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“I’ll always be your safe haven,
the place you can call home.

You’ll always be my promised land,
the spot I always want to reach. 75 more words

Hymns Of Love


Hate me forever and you will always have my heart, love me once and you will hate me forever I used to love her when she had hate for me, until she started loving me, I felt the guilt build upon me so i pushed her away and made her hate me….. 58 more words


I Feel In My Heart a Love Poem

Marija Živanović 

I Feel In My Heart a Love Poem
Written: Maxima
Her smile is like a touch
Of the sun at dawn
Life give to me. 86 more words

hallmark shit

don’t write me any more love poems
i hate them they’re bland
plus they all sound the same
unimaginative boring bullshit
give me something with dirt… 54 more words

Swam To Death

They’ll think I swam to death

If they cut me open they’d see I had shriveled up

They’d see the poison in my veins

They’d see the toxins in my arteries… 249 more words


I Need Your Lovely Smile

Written: Maxima

Maxima is back this Wednesday with I Need Your Lovely Smile

Coming soon!
I Feel In My Heart a Love Poem

The Tinman - A Poem

The Tinman – A Poem

Your beacon blazes with the firestorm
Of a thousand pyres.
In your eyes I find the fires –
Smoke signals that rise to the heavens… 484 more words