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Salacious Sentiment (or Romance of Ruin)

Silk over satin,

Satan’s symmetry,

Presents soft suede,

You imprison me,

With delicate, dangerous,

Desire so delicious,

Portent of passion,

Potentially pernicious.


I could blink

And when my eyes open

I wouldn’t have ever left

Your home, a place where

My bones sunk to the cobblestone

My skin fit to my frame… 16 more words

I mean..

He said
Its scary
When women
Are so persistent
About dealing out their affection
I mean
Trying to get your attention
I mean
Getting under your skin… 17 more words


her, my vineyard -- a poem

after the first sip, its contents filled each nook and cranny of my mouth

i reached for the glass, then for the bottle, then for the vineyard… 157 more words

Attractive Nymph

I met a girl
Her smile was the best thing about her,
Appealing like a succubus.
Her voice was second after the smile,
Beautiful like a siren… 59 more words