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Light Sleeper

When it’s time
to rest your weary head
and you can’t find that
sweet spot in your bed
and you’re too comfy
to make some tea, 149 more words


Flashword Friday #12: X and O

1. I conjured you one afternoon,
as hazy, summer heat began to burn the soles
of tiny, dancing feet – twirling around the playground
in search of treasure, an X marks the spot, a new adventure. 409 more words


Short poem.

Ever met someone and thought this is it?
This is the girl I always wanted to meet.

I met someone who I still think is like a dream. 42 more words

Poems And Literature

The One 

You are the one I’d like to take out,The one I love to sing about,

You are the one that makes me smile,
The one who makes my life worthwhile, 70 more words


what is fear of falling in love called??

If you think falling in love is easy

ask a loner like me why it isn’t!

I can give you thousand reasons

for why I am the way I am!! 133 more words



With the change of the seasons,Learning how to be numb

To the complexity of a human heart

Becomes second nature

So long to the days of… 46 more words


To Do List: I of III: Grocery Shopping

honey, local and raw
something to remind me
life can be sweet.
scissors for heartstrings,
to cut him away from everything
he does not want. 125 more words