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Which love?

If you’re stuck,

Who do you choose to love?

When the one you love is right?

Or when the one you love is wrong?

Do you choose the love who lifts you up? 33 more words



let me remind you
of the way you cut
my hand when I scooped
you from side yard.

A punishment for
refusing to let you be… 56 more words

Poem A Day

Puzzle Pieces

In a world of neglected children with misguided dreams

Where to trust someone, is more complex than it seems

Though love can be good, it can make us blind… 44 more words


A Story to Your Lips

The smile you reveal
when you think
no one is looking,
is the kind of smile
to leave an individual
heart broken.
Its beauty is sublimely potent. 47 more words

Creative Writing

That Magic (dodoitsu poem)

Eyes locked in dreamy gaze make

Hearts beat in suspended time,

When Love’s magic fills the air

Reason’s in a trance.


All rights reserved—-Cynthia Buhain-Baello—05.24.15… 15 more words


I knew this girl once...

I found I

like the sound of lost voices:

I went outside

and screamed your name.

My cheeks and lips and tongue felt strangely

out of practice… 162 more words


It's Alright

Fourth attempt at writing

For, about you today

So many feelings, hard to say

All that you bring my way.

I rush about in nearly a panic… 218 more words