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Thoughts of my Heart 101 Agent 4517

I had this friend, I know him and he knows me also simply because we have mutual friends. We’ve never been classmates before but we’re schoolmates during our high school and college years, and it’s a great achievement because we are both degree holders today :) 498 more words


The one and only way to happiness

Dear soulsister,

There are many lists and tips to happiness, and they are all valid, but I believe that the one and only way to happiness is TO LOVE YOURSELF! 87 more words

Women And Spirituality

"Beautiful is a great word, so why not see what's on the other side of that?"

Dove launched a campaign called #ChooseBeautiful and as always, I am very touched by it.
It’s not the first time Dove is trying to talk about important matters and I do believe this one is one of them. 139 more words


MIssing A Person Sucks

Weekends and holidays are what I hate now since it simply means I will be having a hard time—missing you this way sucks. Temptation entices me to press your number just for me to hear your voice which always sends tingles all throughout my body but deep awe hinders it—a fear you might find me annoying and you’ll suddenly stop talking to me. 240 more words


Surabaya...Surabaya..oh Surabayaaaaa....

cita-cita aku simple kok, se simple pengen setidaknya sekaliiiii aja ngerasain nonton NBL di DBL Arena

Nah…berbekal dari kalimat inilah, saya dan pacar akhirnya memutuskan untuk berangkt ke Surabaya, untuk bisa mewujudkan salah satu cita-cita saya…

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Love Love Love

It's all about the filling. 

When I was a kid and I was at school, my mum used to make me a sandwich everyday for the so called “merenda” which was the half morning break. 308 more words

London Life