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Yellow, orange & gold.

If the world ceased to be as we know it – then everything and every moment would be forever engulfed only in this moment. I’d call this the forever now and we’d all act how? 54 more words


Taiwan 台湾 [Unfinished]

What a trip! I didn’t sleep at all on the plane and it’s good that mama didn’t know haha. A baby on board at the front and one at the back so please tell me can you sleep? 425 more words

My Life (人生)

Live, learn, enjoy then die...

Life, privilege for those who’ve the strength to survive.

Death, powerful transition only mortals can experience

On the beginning and the final of the two above we experience the metamorphosis and nirvana. 9 more words




Final goodbye

I compared my grandfather’s funeral to my grandmother’s funeral. Events carried at two very different times of my life. My grandmother (Opah) passed when I was 7, and my grandfather (Tok) just passed 3 days ago. 1,197 more words


Jake the Musician

Who knew jake was a musician? I didn’t! You would think after spending the majority of the year sitting next to him in fourth period, I would know… I was wrong! 163 more words


Cleaning Up House.

Ladies a very important part of self healing is knowing when to clean up your house.

And I’m literally talking about your house.

I don’t know about you but I find that my mind is much less busy when things are nice and tidy. 364 more words