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Remind yourself over and over again

I’m currently in the stage of finding the ways of moving on.. At this stage I have to set my mind why I have or why I need to let go. 145 more words


Dark & Light

Dark and light represent good and evil, peace and war, pure and tainted. Everyone has both good and bad inside of them. You cannot ignore the dark side of you, but you also cannot deny the light. 60 more words


No More

You sit there with no idea that all of my thoughts are of you, all of my movements and words I choose are based off of you. 138 more words



And incorrigible… and intangible… and improbable… and inimical… and irksome…

But it’s here now, this is the end. There’s no way past this, or backwards either. 265 more words

See-saw Filter

When the dryer shrinks your sweatpants

Last week was one of those weeks. Chloe and I got seriously weeded by life last week.

(If you don’t know what I mean by “weeded,” don’t go to urban dictionary or jump to hasty conclusions! 1,008 more words