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They say if you’re really busy and still feel like there’s something missing, that person was the one.

They say if they’re the person you wanna talk to even when you’re upset, there’s no getting over them. 367 more words


LIFE-Not So Easy As It Sounds

The story of My Close Friend who got more pain than what she deserved and obviously loved more than what he deserved. We never know what life could bring to us but we must have the courage to solve every problem, stand every situation.A true story inspired me about this and i must say she’s damn strong and brave enough to let me share these words with you. 810 more words


A Friend.

I was stupid enough to fall for guys said she
That despair one hates to gave rise did she
But then this weary grey matter realized did he… 55 more words


kita ini (bukan) pasangan malaikat

Bersamamu, setidaknya aku sadari bahwa kita adalah sepasang manusia ditakdirkan bersama bukan untuk saling menunjukkan kesempurnaan namun saling melengkapi kekurangan. menggenapkan yang ganjil dan mengingatkan satu sama lain. 319 more words


Do You Mind?

Do you mind terribly?

And I said, Yes.

Actually, I do.

I nodded in agreement and
shook hands,
and me and myself walked away
towards the rising sun, 31 more words


More days, You Will Get to Know Who I am

Until now,
I’m still trying to solve the mystery
About who I really am
I always learn from each trip
I also always reflect myself with sometimes looking back… 136 more words