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Honeymoon Day 1

“Holy crap, a raccoon just jumped out of the pool, that thing was the size of a small bear!” Day one, you were great! Britton’s Dad dropped us off at the airport at noon and we borded the plane around one. 289 more words



Look at these cute little babies! First summer to plant radishes! I would recommend growing these to anyone wanting to give a green thumb a go! 294 more words



These are some guts of the shaded nose-bleed section of Franklyn Field in the University City section of Philadelphia. Stadiums of any kind are houses to sports-fueled emotion, but the history of this one surely has provided a lightening rod of shouting, yelling, cursing, kissing, high-fives, and crying. 22 more words


Am I Back In The Dating Game?

As I’ve mentioned before, my friends and I started speed dating. Single for (almost ever) and celibate for the past two and a half years, it was really high time that i jumped into the deep end of the pool in order to get back out there. 565 more words


The Secret to a Long and Happy Marriage

First of all, there IS no “secret” to a long and happy marriage. What I’m gong to tell you here is no secret at all. 346 more words


#Let Us

Let us sit a while atop this hill.
Here’s where we feel fulfilled.
Let us daydream below the sky.
This is how we find our thrill. 105 more words