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Top 5: Documentaries You Can Find On Netflix

Documentaries are slowly becoming an increasingly unappreciatedĀ form of media that really gets looked over. That’s understandable with the amount of dull nature programmes and fake shows about storage hunting, pawn shops and yukon gold. 780 more words


Immersive Website: Louis Theroux powerpoint

The link below shows the powerpoint presentation I have made showing my plans for my immersive website I would create to show the work of Louis Theroux as he is my inspiration in the field of journalism. 8 more words

Creative Futures- Sally-Semester 2

"Fed Up", Louis Theroux and Making Your Point

Yesterday I watched “Fed Up” on Netflix and became very scared.

It is a documentary, claiming to be revelatory, about the negative impact that sugar and Big Food has on the health of Americans particularly; though it does extend to the rest of the world as so-called Big Food is made up of worldwide brands. 492 more words


A Netflix Weekend

It is a bank holiday after all.

For those of us at University, you will know all too well that without Netflix life would be pretty hard. 1,359 more words


10 drugs documentaries worth watching

I am a fan of the documentary, I like to learn useless information however, drugs is a subject which I am particularly interested in, here are my top 10; if anyone has any suggestions please comment. 868 more words


Scientologists Ordered to Write "David Miscavige Testimonials" to send Louis Theroux!

Notorious wog documentarian Louis Theroux seems to have been favorably impressed by the rather large binder of testimonials praising Fleet Admiral David Miscavige we sent him. 55 more words


NaPoWriMo 2015: 26. City of Dogs

Here’s my poem in the voice of another person, drawing inspiration from Louis Theroux’s documentary ‘City of Dogs':