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I Went To The Thing

I took part rings, some without holes in the middle which everyone wow’d over. Crisps, those cereals covered in chocolate and some of those millionaires short bread things with the caramel. 300 more words

Life Problems

parental advisory

God told me that he loves me.

He showed me mars within a man,

who was once venus as a boy

but did not cultivate his land. 90 more words


I had a body. I was aware of it at least. I could constantly see it, could move my hands, feet or whatever was needed (no acrobatics involved). 170 more words

Random Thoughts

"Christians: What Happened to Love Your Neighbor?"

So, I’m a little confused, but mostly heartbroken of hearing all the hate posts against those who live a different lifestyle than us Christians. So I ask the question; “What happened to love your neighbor?” 381 more words


Off the Hook: An Open Letter to the Boy who led Me on

*This letter is dedicated to any person who has ever been led on by someone you thought you knew, someone you loved.

Let me start with a little back story, this letter is about a boy I once loved, with everything I had. 665 more words

Break Up

Then suddenly at 2 am...

Days flow without the slightest tinge of frustration. The black hole dominant within, veiled with thick layers of spontaneous mirth. Then suddenly at 2 am, I am sitting on the floor, the coldness falling on my shoulders like a thick blanket, numb and empty within, I break into tears. 478 more words

Random Realities


Culture is the blueprint of immortality
The grey curtains of marriage,
The vibrant colors of puberty,
The sweetness of love,
The endless curiosity of history, 237 more words