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We Have To Believe

We have to believe in love.  We have to practice it every day, with our family and friends and with strangers.  Being a Nurse, has given me the honor of giving love as my profession.   231 more words


The Box

I watched, motionless, as the sun set on our life.
I let you walk away.
You didn’t look back.
I packed the last of your belongings away in a box. 25 more words


A Love that was Lost

Back when I was still in my hometown, Philippines, I had a feeling of excitement going abroad, to the point where I always had the thought of things to do and how would my life be there. 252 more words


Haunting dreams.

I dreamt about him again, that’s the 19th time since we parted many months ago. I don’t understand why it keeps happening nor do I know why I keep track. 226 more words

That Moment When

That moment when
you call out my name,
when you read an old letter,
when you listen to a song
that transports you back to me. 77 more words


Giving Up On Your Favorite Color

Having almost completely displaced the world now, we can look at it, almost like a discarded object at a yard sale for others perhaps to buy. 597 more words

Digital Existence
A spewing bit of something that may turn into something else. The “poetry is the food of love” quote comes from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice (which is an infinite source of inspiration.) Thank you for dealing with me. 81 more words