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Some days beauty is too lonely,
standing beside a chair and an empty vase
waiting for the sunset.
Some days are just too long,
you lay on your bed… 80 more words


Laid Bare

I have laid myself bare to the ravages of emotions and endangered myself to its hold on me
I see only distance between where I stand and safety – the path uncertain to get there… 33 more words


Seriously! What is my fucking problem? Honestly, if I were outed, if real people knew about this obsession, I would be jailed, handcuffed and hauled away because I am certifiable, insane, wacko, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, as they say. 175 more words


The End of Our Affinity

This, is a past vs. future kinda thing here, translated…

I love you, like turning back the hands of time; you love me, like the future. 57 more words


No Mistakes, a Short Prose

On parting ways, finding the peace, after the breakup, finally!  Translated…

Before you say, “no big deal”, you must have gained an understanding of what “no big deal” means. 36 more words

The Seasons Of Life

I had to go and fall in Love.

I did. I had to open myself, be vulnerable, be open to new ideas and new dreams…

And I was perfectly happy with all of that. 1,316 more words

My Extra Loves

Eight Chapter

HE saw an opening and he was going to take it. He had spoken to his mother to help him with some contacts, and his uncle was willing to gift him the start up capital. 1,464 more words