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Do we all go into space? -Science Fiction in tv and film

This is 2015, I’ve just finished writing my new science fiction novel, now I am taking a short break to catch up with films, blogging and more; and now I am just thinking about who we see in many of these films and television shows set out in deep space. 323 more words

Lost Girl- Dyson looks like Wizard of Oz Lion

I’m watching Lost Girl on Netflix.  The lead male role, the Dyson character, every time he’s in certain lighting… I can’t help thinking how much he resembles the Wizard of Oz lion.  39 more words


So ... I Still Have A Book Deal?

Thank you to everyone who congratulated me on the forthcoming publication of The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose! Despite not referencing any known properties, it was a surprisingly popular post. 416 more words

#14 Olivia & Abby (Scandal) v. # 3 Bo & Kenzi (Lost Girl)

Division IV: Friendships under Fire

In one way, this is an incredibly easy match-up for me because I could (and intend to) compose odes dedicated to Lost Girl and Kenzi and Bo. 1,442 more words


Once upon a time...

There was a girl. Well, a grown woman really, but in some ways she was still nineteen years old, and forever thinking about what she’d do… 232 more words


More Pictures from Phoenix Comic Con 2015

I’m sorry to take so long on these, but it’s been a busy week.  Here are some more pictures from Phoenix Comic Con 2015… 84 more words

Humor And Observations


Okay.Okay.Okay. This is the greatest news of the week so far, and not just for me, but for every Lost Girl fan out there. Even though this is the last half part of the show – and it makes me utterly sad – I still am extremely happy that we have both a starting date and a preview. 70 more words

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