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Quarter-life crises of a lost generation

This weekend I went to visit my little nephew, who is absolutely gorgeous and completely adorable. I very much enjoyed seeing him, and seeing my brother and sister-in-law, but I dreaded the inevitable, unanswerable question: 786 more words

Childless Women

The Lost Generation


“For adults, from parents to policymakers, their inability to understand how 16 to 24-year-olds are communicating has created intense anxiety that they have become a lost generation.” 634 more words

Is age the great new divide? Let's not forget class

This is the question posed in this article in yesterday’s Observer, in fact taking us back to the topic we looked at just before our Easter break, namely a focus on age in relation to the general election. 335 more words

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Simone St. James' THE OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHT, Or The "Undiscovered Country ...

… from whose bourn no traveler returns,” says Hamlet – except in a Simone St. James novel says Miss Bates. St. James’ latest, The Other Side of Midnight… 1,696 more words


Happy 90th birthday, James Gatz

While I am far from alone in saying so, The Great Gatsby is my favorite book. It has been since Mrs. Smith’s 10th grade English Lit class back at good old Downers Grove North High School. 581 more words


When Technology is Detrimental to Your Faith

In middle school, we used to love AOL Instant Messenger. I’d sit on it for hours on end, creating new screen names and updating my status with song lyrics of Yellowcard. 1,048 more words

Social media, a stigma

So I have an Instagram account where I had posted pictures of my likes and some those troubled me. In a relative amount of time, I realized none of that was necessary.Posting pictures over a social network to gain appreciation or criticism based on how people perceive them also allows them a free passage to let them judge oneself. 658 more words